Marijuana Pesto aka Potsto Recipe

Marijuana PestoMarijuana Pesto aka Potsto Recipe

Recipe by Payton Curry from

Nothing finishes a long day like some tasty fresh herb. This recipe combines the sharp profile of a nicely medicated cannabis oil with a the classic sweetness of the basil and other fine herbs that you typically find in the a fresh Pesto.  When you take the time to eat and medicate right you will find jars like this in HIGH rotation.

A great tip for marijuana pesto is to use it as a vinaigrette with shaved apples and pears. Simply squeeze the juice of one half of an orange into four tablespoons of Potsto. Toss together and enjoy with some goat cheese if you’re fancy!

1 cup olive oil, medicated
2 garlic cloves
2 tablespoon nuts, pine nuts or other
1 bunch of basil
2 grams shake, decarbed
1 lemon, juice and zest
3 tablespoon Parm or Pecorino cheese

Place all but cheese and a ½ cup of the oil in food processor and pulse for one minute. Add cheese and pulse 5-8 more times. Scoop into a bowl and pour remaining oil over the top.

Payton Curry, the Culinary Cannabis Chef at Northsight Capital—who oversee and—is a modern-day apothecary combining his skills for cooking with a desire to teach people about the benefits of medicinal marijuana and how to prepare their own treatments. The talented Culinary Institute of America graduate also owns Brat Haüs in Scottsdale, AZ and Cannabis Curryosity Consulting.

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