Marijuana Policy Project Optimistic About Trump Administration and Weed

Donald Trump MarijuanaWhile NORML is sounding the alarms another marijuana activist group, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) which is actually the largest pot policy organization in the states are a little less worried that the Trump administration will refrain from using federal resources to interfere in state laws regulating marijuana for medical and adult use. Check out their press release about remaining cautiously optimistic about the future of pot politics:

WASHINGTON — The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has issued the statement below regarding the Senate’s confirmation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general on Wednesday evening.

Sessions was asked about marijuana policy on multiple occasions during the confirmation process. During his oral testimony, he conspicuously refrained from committing to enforce federal marijuana prohibition laws in states that are regulating marijuana for medical and adult use, noting the scarcity of resources available. In his written testimony, he said he “echo[es]” the comments made by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, when she was asked about marijuana enforcement during her confirmation hearing.

President Donald Trump has consistently said that he supports legal access to medical marijuana and believes states should be able to determine their own marijuana policies. During a January appearance on Fox News Channel, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer signaled that Sessions would adhere to Trump’s position that states should be able to establish their own marijuana policies. “When you come into a Trump administration, it’s the Trump agenda you’re implementing and not your own,” he said. “I think Senator Sessions is well aware of that.”

“We remain cautiously optimistic that the Trump administration will refrain from interfering in state marijuana laws. When asked about his plans for marijuana enforcement, Attorney General Sessions said he ‘echo[es]’ the position taken by Loretta Lynch during her confirmation hearings,” said MPP Director of Federal Policies Robert Capecchi. “He repeatedly acknowledged the scarcity of enforcement resources, and he said he would ensure they are used as effectively as possible to stop illicit drugs from being trafficked into the country.”

“President Trump has consistently said that states should be able to determine their own marijuana laws, and his spokesperson made it clear that the attorney general will be implementing the Trump agenda. We are hopeful that Mr. Sessions will follow the president’s lead and respect states’ rights on marijuana policy.

“A strong and growing majority of Americans think marijuana should be made legal, and an even stronger majority think the federal government should respect state marijuana laws. Eight states have adopted laws that regulate and tax marijuana for adult use, and 28 states now have laws that regulate marijuana for medical use. It would be shocking if the Trump administration attempted to steamroll the citizens and governments in these states to enforce an increasingly unpopular federal policy.”

How do you think the Trump Administration will handle the fight between state and the federal government over marijuana? Think the Trump Administration might tightening laws or do away with them all together. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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