Marijuana Saves Infant’s Life

Marijuana Saves InfantRachael Garner claims cannabis saved her infant’s life. The 33-year-old certified pharmacy technician from Florida and single mother of four told the Daily Mail that her daughter Nettie Raenetta, who was born with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid on the brain) which was causing frequent seizures, was hospitalized in June with two strains of pneumonia. When doctors determined that there was nothing they could do to save her19-month-old, sadly Garner brought her home to die. That’s when she turned to marijuana for help.

However, all hope was not lost. Luckily Garner reads medical journals and she was familiar with stories about CBD and how it can help with seizures. She began giving her CBD oil, a non-psychoactive, THC-free marijuana compound, on July 2. The supply had been sent to her for free by the California-based provider  Carmen CBD Oils, who found Nettie’s story on Facebook. And within just 24 hours after the initial treatment, which involves administering drops under Nettie’s tongue, Garner noticed a remarkable turnaround in her daughter. “It was like she just woke up,” Garner said and claims that “Nettie would be dead today” without marijuana. “I feel 100 percent sure it has saved her life.”

“I picked her up, and instead of being scared, like she usually is, she smiled,” Garner recalled. “Later, she cooed, and she’s never been verbal.” She added that it was like “a miracle,” she said—particularly since she had lost another child, 10-month-old Raquel, to the same condition about a year before Nettie was born.

While Nettie’s treatment is still ongoing—she’s been sick with chest congestion lately, although she’s remained seizure free since that first dose of CBD oil, and her family is raising money for medical expenses. Read more about her story here.

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