Marijuana Seeds How to Buy Them Online Safely

Marijuana SeedsHow to buy marijuana seeds safely

Marijuana Seeds are definitely Stuff Stoners Like. With all the marijuana seeds sellers out there here’s how to buy quality cannabis seeds online safely…

Looking for marijuana seeds so you can start growing your own weed? You’re not alone. Many growers like to start their gardens using weed seeds. For starters, unlike clones pot seeds won’t come with spider mites or powdery mildew that could destroy your entire garden. Pot seeds also produce plants with a bit more vigor than clones. Plus marijuana seeds are a lot easier to transport and conceal than plants. And they’re easy to get nowadays with all the weed seeds for sale online.

However, with all the vendors out there that have marijuana seeds for sale online or in magazines how do you buy marijuana seeds without getting caught? And how do you make sure that what you’re getting are the best cannabis seeds possible? We’ve got you covered, dude.

Marijuana seeds for sale overseas

Sure you’d love to score some marijuana seeds directly from some of the popular retailers in Amsterdam like The Green House, Sensi Seeds or Dutch Passion? But these guys don’t ship directly to the United States. However there are several online seed banks that offer a wide selection of quality marijuana seeds. We recommend our sponsors Herbies seeds and Gorilla Seed Bank. They both have tons of marijuana strains available and have always taken care of us. That means they’ll take care of you. There are others out there—but just know that there are a lot of fraudulent seed banks out there too. We’d love to open our own seed bank one day. If anyone’s interested in helping us create Stuff Stoners Like signature marijuana seeds hit us up.

Of course if you live in a medical or recreational marijuana state you can buy cannabis seeds from your local marijuana dispensary. Our buds over at the Harborside Health Center in Oakland carry a wide selection of top quality marijuana seeds. We love to buy cannabis seeds from them. We also love it when they kick ’em down to us to test out. If you live in a state that allows you to buy weed seeds at a store—that’s probably the best way to get ’em. That way you won’t have to risk receiving contraband in the mail. Check out our list of dispensaries by state if you’re looking for pot seeds for sale or you just want to find marijuana. Before you go you might want to give them a call and make sure they’ve got marijuana seeds for sale. So far we’ve not heard of any marijuana delivery services that deliver just seeds. Hey…there’s a new business idea for ya.

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Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Seeds are among the millions of letters and packages flowing through the mail system each day

Can you buy marijuana seeds safely online?

We can’t tell you that you definitely won’t get busted if you buy marijuana seeds online. You know, shit happens—especially when weed’s involved. But what we can tell you is that there are millions of letters and packages flowing through the mail system each day. We know a letter carrier who delivers mail in San Jose California and often times comes across packages that smell like they contain a live skunk. Instead of calling animal control or a narc, he just delivers it. Why create extra work, right? Plus seed dealers know how to package their product so it doesn’t get noticed. Think about it—the dudes who sell marijuana seeds online wouldn’t remain in business long if they were mailing marijuana seeds and getting people busted, right? Either way, dude, you have to weigh the risks with the rewards and decide how you want to proceed.

Packaging marijuana seeds for sale

Most companies that offer pot seeds for sale through the mail ship them using “stealth” packaging. Obviously, there’s no mention of marijuana seeds inside or outside packaging.This prevents customs from finding what’s inside—even if they open the package to inspect. Many cannabis seed sellers package the seeds inside CD jewel cases. Sometimes they’ll be tucked inside the liner notes and sometimes you’ll have to pop off the back plastic piece that holds the CD in place to find the hidden pot seeds.

We’ve never heard of anyone getting busted for buying marijuana seeds in the mail. If you have been busted buying pot seeds through the mail, let us know in the comments below. Anyhow,  from what we understand when a package of marijuana seeds is intercepted by customs officials the weed seed buyer merely gets a letter stating that their package was seized because it did not comply with the regulations regarding the importation of seeds and nuts. So, no…if you buy marijuana seeds through the mail you probably won’t go to jail like activist and seed seller extraordinaire Marc Emery (#98 on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster.)

When you buy weed seeds online it generally takes about 7 to 10 days for them to reach the USA they’re shipped from Amsterdam. Of course shit happens and some packages of weed seed go lost. If this happens get in touch with the seed seller and they’ll most likely drop a brand new package of marijuana seeds in the mail for ya.

Anyhow not all countries allow cannabis seeds for sale or purchase. Some countries consider a marijuana seed just a “collectors item” and allow you to keep them (of course you can’t sprout them). And some countries have hash penalties if you get caught with a cannabis seed or even a hemp seed. So it’s on you to check the laws in your country before proceeding if you’re worried about the risk. Once you score your seeds check out our post, Here’s How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds for information on germinating your precious little marijuana seeds and then this article on How to Grow A Healthy Weed Plant. Good luck.

Have luck buying marijuana seeds through the mail? Or do you have cannabis seeds for sale online with great infor or just a few good stories? Let us know in the comments below….

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