Pre 96 OG from Green Solution in  Sacramento

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REVIEW BY: @pak_smorbols
Strain Name: Pre 96 OG
Score:  8/10
From:  Green Solution, Sacramento
Type:  Sativa
Genetics:  OG
Price:  $20/gram
Appearance: Very tight and dense nug structure, like OG’s should be. I know my eyeball is just not good enough to properly see the milky white trichs I’m expecting to find…so I whip out the 40x scope. It’s perfect for getting a good view of the Trichomes and well worth the look. Beautiful milky white and a few amber trichs scattered all over the ridge of the nug. Good start to the review and has me excited to Pak some up in the Bong (My favorite smoking device)
Smell: Smells like OG, not a strong intense smell like I’ve encountered with some OG’s but still a very pleasant citrus earthy smell.

2_Pre 96 OG from Green Solution from SacramentoFlavor: Upon first inhale, I get a slight citrus flavor that has me wanting more. Just missed, I think, on getting the full potential of this flower’s total flavor. On the exhale I get what I expect from an older OG, that earthy taste. It’s like the smell of fresh turned soil on the tip of your tongue…you growers know what I’m talking about.
Buzz: Great head high, right around the temples that drifts down into the neck. Not entirely convinced it’s a pure Sativa, starts out all in the Head but I’m getting more of hybrid Indica feeling at it creeps into the neck and back. Awesome, the best of both worlds!
Medical Use: Great for neck or upper back pain as that’s where I feel it most. The high had me distracted so not recommended if you need to get Stuff done. For those having trouble turning off the brain, look no further this definitely helped.
Overall: A good example of an OG phenotype, which I’ve been developing more of a Love for. Great medicinal effects and Good Smell, just had me wanting more in the taste department.

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