Blue Cookies Strain Review

Blue Cookies Strain Review

Blue Cookies Strain Review

REVIEW BY: @pak_smorbols
Strain Name:
  Blue Cookies
Indica Dominant Hybrid
Blue Cookies Strain ReviewGenetics:
OG from Florida x F1Durb (Durban Poison x Secret Ingredient) which means it’s their trade secret. These are the Girl Scout Cookies genetics and I suspect that the Blue Cookies are a phenotype of original Girl Scout Cookies weed and grown to perfection.
  $150/half oz. from a good friend


Appearance:  Once you get past the intense odor, the Blue Cookies strain greets you with glistening gorgeous blue nuggets. All the nugs are extremely dense with very little stem. This is some magnificent lookin’ marijuana.
Imagine going to grandma’s house, walking into the kitchen and being enveloped in the enticing aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies and weed. Yeah this Blue Cookies strain smells just like that.
  Initial taste is sweet and smooth. On the exhale it just screams Old School OG, subtle earthy flavor. Finally leaving an orange like candy flavor on the tip of your tongue that lingers.  It’s one of those Amazing Strains that retains great flavor from the first spark till you hear it cash.
Blue Cookies Strain ReviewBuzz:
This Blue Cookies strain is very powerful on the head and body, true to its hybrid roots. Right off the 1st exhale the rush went straight to the dome, I love that feeling. By the time the bowl was finished I could feel the Indica side warm my body from my spine down and locked me into the couch…Seriously, there’s a 5 minute window with this stuff, you are either trapped on the couch Pak’n Smorbols or up moving and being productive. It’s a fine line, all up to the Stoner
Medical Use:
 Anxiety, depression, headaches, neck and upper back pain relief. Just plain overall great feeling from this herb, easy to turn off the mind and enjoy what’s going on right in front of you.
The Blue Cookies strain HITS the Tri-Factor that makes up GREAT HERB: Taste, Smell, Flavor & HIGH…wait that’s four and I’m really, really, stoned off this Amazing Flower. Basically if you have a friend that knows a friend you may be Lucky enough to come across some LEGITIMATE CookiesBlue Cookies Strain Review
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31 Responses to “Blue Cookies Strain Review”

  1. Sjweebo

    Lie I get blue cookie all day

  2. orik

    Hi all I would just like to know how to get this stuff in south africa :):)

  3. Makana

    How I get to taste this in Hawaii without leaving paradise

  4. fonzie

    How can I get some in Texas I need me some connects

  5. desean

    Where can i find blue cookies in Vegas or LA

  6. jr.

    Very tight and dense nugs. I had to re weigh it because the nugs were so dense and tight. Amazing buds. Love the blue cookies.

  7. tracy

    Would some kind,honest stoner be able to post an oz of this heaven to me!unfortunately I live in northern ireland.the smoke heres not the best:-(

  8. vinny707

    Love the blue cookies here in the bay.. good high, eases pain.. y wouldn’t ppl smoke it? I do.

  9. EnglishEyebrows

    Awesome. Got some from a collective in l.a.
    It’s such a perfect mix. Love it.

  10. XxspaghEddiexx

    Just pick some up here in LA.

  11. tony

    Unbelievable!!!! Some of the best bud I have ever smoked! Yum, yum! Anything with durban is o.k. with me. What a combo. Brilliant! It sure is nice living rocky mtn. HIGH in Colorado. My collection is up to 35 types with the addition of Blue Cookie! I’ll put it in the top 5 of my collection.

  12. J

    Yo…… Fonzie
    in Texas

    I got Blu Cookie, email me for pics

  13. just a girl tm

    I find the sativa in the plant can send anyone off to anywhere. That being said, the indica aspect will knock your body into space. Awesome weed. For a controlled buzz like most strains, this strain knocks the rest of the strains out the window because the high doesnt have the element of the controlled high aka the strain.

    However i prefer strains until i cultivate my personal garden

  14. dank man

    Hay outta state & out of country stoners call this# 5593738906 if your trying to get your hands on all the good stuff ask for kevin

  15. Mat Lee

    Lol, did anyone actually call that number and ask for Kevin?

  16. Anonymous

    Im high off it right now

  17. OH BOY! Kali Luv

    . . Anxiously pursuing and trying to come across sum Blue Cookies . .

  18. Von

    LookING for blue cookies stain

  19. way2baked

    It is a wonderful strain to grow. I have one flowering right now in Oregon 🙂

  20. Levon

    Where did you get strain?

  21. Tony Loco

    Where can I find some in Jersey?

  22. Julesvern101

    Had it just now. Smoked a j. I feel like I’m floating and can’t feel my back haha. Stoned

  23. mitcchmaney420

    Northern Cali got the best. I just picked up 2 oz I’m the man out here right now.

  24. Coolbreeze84

    Blue Cookies is the truth Bay to Sac #Iswhereitsat #Andyoudoknothat

  25. Anonymous

    Getting some now . #detroit

  26. Anonymous

    Is this available around Detroit AnnArbor Anonymous dude above me? You can refer to me as PK O’malley.

  27. WOOZ

    Stupid candy. It smells like fresh crushed blueberries slapped on a sugar cookie with cinnamon. GASSS

  28. bored

    Really good stuff. Been glued to the couch for a while bout to go hit the fridge. Definitely enjoying the blue cookie buzz.
    -east central florida

  29. 420 friend

    I have this strain growing right now outdoors in michigan and yes its in the 40s here right now at night but she loves it bn in a 10gal bag and has been purple on the stalks and blue leafs from the start. I alsow have sour blue cookie as well but i cant find info on that one lol

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