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REVIEW BY: @clee717
: Banana Boat Kush
Score: 7.5/10
Homegrown, locally. outdoor crop
Banana Boat kush Marijauna Stran 2Type: 85% indica, 15% sativa (info from grower), Has a STRONG body high, used for treatment of Pain, stress, and can help with Insomnia. Great Bud for hanging out and relaxing.
Genetics: Very similar to the strain Banana kush, aside from having some sorta Sativa strain cross bread in (idk exactly wich strain was used “growers secret”) So as far as I can tell you this is a Indica dominate, sativa mix of BANANA KUSH.
: Since i am friends with the grower of this bud i got a really great deal, about an eighth for 20$. now he doesnt hook everyone up, but can usually do it for about 200$ an ounce or so. It is outdoor wich is reflected by the price. For the quality of tree, I’d say it is a fair/great deal for just about anyone who pick’s it up.


Appearance: The buds are dense and crystallized with a Light green color, but i also noticed some patches of darker green. (good looking bud) they are some pretty dense little nugs weighing about a gram each. You can tell this stuff is outdoor forsure, it just has that smell and look to it. the bud’s do have some nice bright orange hairs (wich dont show up in the pic’s very well on account of the lighter colered bud).May not be the best looking bud ever but it definetly has some good qualities going for it.

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Smell: The smell is hard to explain. it has a basic outdoor smell to it at first. you know kind of a foresty musk, like a dank Pine tree or somthing. after the initial smell comes a certain sweetness, were i can really smell the Banana kush in it. all n all id say it has a sweet sorta pinewood smell
: There’s a real banana influence on the flavor with a real sweet sweet after taste (wich i enjoyed). one thing you definetly notice is how fresh it tasted. for an outdoor crop this weed has great smokability and flavor.
Banana Boat kush Marijauna Strain 4High
: It had a slow come on. at first the buzz was kinda Uppity, sort of a Sativa feel, i was wanting to walk around n do somthing. but after about 10 mintues i became the classic lazy stoner sterotype, i mean i did not want to do ANYTHING, serious couch lock. After about 30 minutes the indica trait’s really started to show. i found myself with horrible cotton mouth, but decided not to get a drink cause i was to comfortable were i already was haha. i wasnt sleepy just comfortable and lazy, all n all a really good feeling high, indica dominate Fasho.
Buzz Length
: The buzz wore off right around an hour and half mark, were i noticed myself getting kinda anxious, guess its time fr another sesh 😉

This was a good example of outdoor growing, but i have seen better. the bud had good smell and a sweet taste, but in the end was pretty basic. the bud had nothing special going for it besides a cool name. I dont really have anything bad to say about it, but then again there wasnt anything exceptional about it either. i gave it a 7.5, kinda like a C in school, because to me its very average.

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  1. JacknTheBox

    The best I’ve had by far. Sticky-icky kush buds

  2. Toxicsmoke235

    $1600.00 for 1lb. And got free overnight EMS express shipping to: salt lake city Utah. Lovely buds with a fruity scent and taste. Email:

  3. Lee

    Great outdoor that feels a lot like indoor grown. I gambled with $1600 for a Lb. And zippy rewarded me awesomely. Email:

  4. B.M.F37Smith

    Fluffy, light greenish buds. Got to luv the taste and smell. $660 for 125 grams by expressmail. Email:

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