Buddha Tahoe Kush Review

Buddha Tahoe Kush Review Buddha Tahoe Kush Review

REVIEW BY: Andrea Liechty
Marijuana strain name: Buddha Tahoe Kush
From: Battle Creek Compassion Club
Score:  8.5/10
Origin: Big Buddha Seeds
Genetics: Buddha Tahoe OG x San Fernando Valley OG Kush
Smell: Soft fruity aroma starts your mouth watering up as you break it up.
Flavor: A bold aftertaste of the white grape, this smoke is extremely fruity and bouquet of taste covers your tongue. As you inhale, the smoke expands into your bronchial tubes and pleural sacs, and tickles your diaphragm into a coughing session. As the flush of heat escapes you, praying you don’t slobber on the j, your mouth secretes the flavor of sweet lemons, tangy oranges and a mystical water that only the celestial beings could create. A true Kush flavor!
High: Extremely.
Buzz Length: For the untrained, minimal pain patient, 2 tokes should last hours, for the severe pain, trained smoker, as I am, one half gram joint lasted 2.5 3 hours. Not bad for subsiding the pain for me!!
Medical Uses: Relieves my Arthritis’s, osteomyelitis, osteopoikilosis, AAHD, brings a cognitive awareness to my dyslexia, relieves the itching and irritation associated with psoriasis, cellulitis, folliculitis, relaxes my nerves and trembling (I don’t know if it would be applicable to Parkinson disease but it would definitely be a excellent contender), where Xanax and Buspirone has been ineffective, when cooked, depending on how cooked, relives IBS, nausea, constipation, tooth aches, and insomnia. May even be consumed as an elixir (or tonic if you rather) for anxiety, bursidous and kidneys.

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  1. Vince

    Andrea. Tahoe is an SFV OG Cut also known as the San Fernando Valley OG Kush 
    Nothing to do with San Francisco 

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