Purple Urkle Review

Purple Urkle

Purple UrklePurple Urkle Review

REVIEW BY:@XinckAlviso
Name: Purple Urkle
Grade: 8.5
From: Harborside Health Center in San Jose (@HHCSJ on Twitter, Facebook)
Cannabinoids: 13.79% THC, < 2% CBD. Test results provided by Steep Hill Labs.
Type: Some of the best purple weed around. Purple Urkle is a pure Indica grape strain with a beautiful color scheme of orange, green and of course purple.
Lineage: A pure Indica, clone-only strain who’s genetics can be traced back to the legendary Humboldt County, some say since approximately 1989; Purple Urkle is known to go by many names (like lavender or purple urple), but is just as popular just the same. Purple Urkle is known for being a popular breeding strain, which some speculate is based on it being an inbred strain.
Cost: $17/g ($18.40 with tax), $60/8th ($64.95 with tax)


Purple Urkle
Looks: One of the most beautiful buds I’ve seen so far this year, the Purple Urkle gram I received consisted of two dense royal purple and light green buds dusted in white trichomes and patches of light orange wispy hairs. The combination of vibrant colors is truly a piece of eye candy for any cannabis lover. While dense the buds took slightly calyx like shape and aren’t rock hard dense like Grape Ape.
Scent: Opening up the Mylar bag released a pungent aroma of ripe purple grapes. It literally smelled like I opened up a new bottle of Welch’s grape juice! The rich smell had my mouth watering even more after detecting a strong citrus undertone. Not quite piney, it tended to lean more on the lime side.

Purple Urkle
Taste: I packed a fresh bowl in my Hi-Si glass bong and lit my spool of hemp wick before applying the flame to bowl of beautiful color combination. The smoke hit my lungs very smooth and warm, a welcoming and comforting Indica feeling. The exhale and overall smoke flavor was rather earthy and not very fruity like the smell; although there was a faint detection of grape in the exhale.
High: The initial buzz that hits me is an absolute overall body relaxing Indica. A few minute later I felt the buzz begin to creep up by spine to the top of my scalp. Soon enough I was immersed in an ocean of stony goodness with my eyes down low and head extremely relaxed. Couch lock goes without saying, plan on sleeping or doing absolutely nothing after medicating with this heavy purple strain!
Buzz Length: 2 Hours. I had a few days off and was suffering from some extra back pain from a recent accident so I tried the Purple Urkle for my wake and bake. The affects lasted about 2 hours as I went about my morning chores and business.
Medicinal Applications: The Purple Urkle is a great Indica med for treating symptoms of: Depression, Insomnia, Eating Disorders, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Stress and Anxiety. My main experience with the strain had me extremely relaxed and ready to just lounge around the house. I was relieved of some back pain, but it wasn’t the strongest pain relief I’ve experienced from a pure Indica strain.
Overall: The Purple Urkle from Harborside Health Center in San Jose has a lot of great high grade and top shelf purple strains to choose from. While a lot of people these days tend to shy away from what many consider the “over hyped” purple strains, I still find much relief and medical benefits from all of these heavy Indica strains. While this batch of Purple Urkle had a nice heavy Indica effect the taste wasn’t as strong as other purple strains. Especially when getting certain strains that are renowned for their fruity flavor it was a bit of a surprise that the flavor wasn’t as strong as a strain like Ken’s GDP or Delta559’s Bogglegum. Besides that I found the Purple Urkle an exceptional pure Indica strain that was just the medicine I was looking for.

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