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REVIEW BY: @ShaneBStone
Rascal’s OG
cc101 Sacramento Dispensary
Hybrid Indica dominant
San Fernando Valley OG Kush x OG Kush  18.3% THC
Real real frosty bud, some parts look almost dipped in sugar. Nice amber colored hairs on this bud. Doesn’t look like the grower took the time to trim it up all the way. Very camera friendly. This bud has a georgous look.
Not too Danky of a smell, but what you do smell is very sweet, almost like a scented candle. Crack the nug and you get a pine sole fruity scent.
Rascall OG Marijuana Strain WeedFlavor: Again not too distinct of a flavor but the smoke hits the lungs hard leaves a burning feeling in your chest, be ready to cough.
High: Very relaxed high, feel it in your forehead almost right alway. Not a clear head-high but a focused one, great for working on projects. Beware; you will want munchies around.
Beautiful Rascall OG Marijuana Strain
Buzz length: Smoked a gram of this and the buzz was strong for about an hour and 45 minutes then started to feel a bit tired.
Medical Uses: Rascal’s OG is a great anxiety reliever, leaving you calm and relaxed. Amazing for pain relief, my back has been giving me problems for the past week now and after smoking, I haven’t felt any soreness yet today. An uplifting flower, that I highly recommend!

5 Responses to “MARIJUANA STRAIN REVIEW-Rascal’s OG”

  1. sesli chat

    Thank you for taking the time and spreading this information with all of us. It was really very helpful and informative while being straight forward and to the point.

  2. Incubus78

    Smoked this with some Neptune O.g and got super stuck not very functional although a great high to just sit and think hard with some friends:]

  3. JokerMachine

    I just tried this and I’m energized and fairly well focused, but just a little on the disoriented side. Feels great and most of my body pain has diminished. Bonus: noises are exaggerated and visually things look more in focus. Like I said, really fun, removes pain and keeps me energized, so I highly recommend it.

  4. Siren

    It has me keeping my priorities in check. Focusing on my homework and keeping my anxiety at bay

  5. David Barnes

    Thanks for that review, I did consume 3.5 grams of Rascal this evening, and your comments where right on ,thanks again.

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