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REVIEW BY: @XinckAlviso
Name: Sour Pinky
Score: 7.5/10
From: Harborside Health Center of Oakland (@HHCOAK on twitter)
Type: A Sativa dominant hybrid. (S/I) Sour Diesel x Stinky Pinky, 15.33%THC
Genetics: Sour Pinky is a cross of Sour Diesel and Stinky Pinky. Sour Diesel is a mostly sativa dominant strain that is popular for its potency and strong gasoline scent. Stinky Pinky is a mostly Indica dominant strain that develops dense hashy smelling buds whose pistils can have a pinkish hue. The leaves on the plant also turn a very light purple, almost pinkish hue when grown in proper conditions. The offspring of these two great strains is this sativa dominant stinker that will impress anyone looking for a med with a strong head high while retaining that relaxing body effect.

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At $14 a gram and $45 an 8th at Harborside Health Center, that makes this a high-grade quality med at a mid-grade price. Their dispensary tends to have slightly higher prices than smaller dispensaries due to the extra patient services and free medicine that they offer to all of their patients. While this may deter some people who are looking to get “hooked up fat”(also all their meds are pre-weighed on point) for a low price, I have no problem with the prices being a patient who has received thousands of dollars in free meds over the years through Harbors ide’s care package, rewards, and activist hour programs. So while you may spend a bit more up front at Harborside, if you communicate with them you will get compensated greatly in no time! Like I always say:  You get what you pay for.

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Appearance: Very frosty and tight buds. The large amount of clear trichomes give this green bud a slightly lighter tint, almost lime green in appearance with light orange hairs. There’s a slight amount of excess leaf on the outside of the bud, which can be understandable for outdoor meds, although the manicuring job could have been a bit better. Harborside has recently taken it upon themselves to promote “Sun Grown” (or outdoor) flowers as a more environmentally conscious purchase for patients concerned with the environmental impact of indoor cannabis grows in CA, which some studies show make up for about 8% of total electricity usage for the entire state. I’m assuming all the “Sun Grown” meds being offered this time of year are in fact green house grown as the outdoor season is still a few months off. Now don’t let the outdoor growing deter you, this stuff is just as pretty, potent (testing at 15.33%THC), and STINKY as its indoor brethren! The trichomes seem to be all intact, although there seems to be some slight crushing from the tight bag.  Upon cracking open a nug, the inside is riddled with trichomes and the same powerful cheese smell with the diesely undertone.
Smell: This is some of the funkiest smelling “Sun Grown” flower I’ve ever had. A very distinct parmesan cheese smell with diesely/lemony undertone round-house kicks you in the face as soon you open up the bag. When ground up in a metal grinder the diesely sourness come across much stronger then when the bud is whole. Almost overwhelmingly so, like the roles are reversed with the diesel being the dominant smell and the cheese being the undertone.

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I smoked this flower two ways: Out of a glass on glass bong and in an orange Zig-Zag joint. First came the bowl, I ground up a few nice small bowls and packed ‘em up in my Hi-Si glass bong. I lit the bowl with my glass wand and the flower burned up nicely, the flavor wasn’t incredibly strong but was nice and smooth. The only clear taste was a light, sweet lemony diesel flavor that danced on the tip of the tongue. When smoked through a joint the sweet flavor was a little stronger and just as smooth, you can take fat rips of this bud without coughing too much to get right and properly medicated. The joint ashed a nice light grey, indicating that the flower was properly flushed during the grow and contains little to no remaining nutrients. Essentially it was a very nice pure smoke.
High: Clearly sativa dominant, while the buzz wont crash over you like a wave like a Headband or pure Sour Diesel high would, it settles into a definite head buzz in a few minutes. It’s a very clear head high with a nice little euphoric affect. This is an excellent day time smoke, but also has some nice body and mind relaxing affects as well which allows for night time medicating. Although I wouldn’t recommend smoking right before bed, this med won’t leave you wired or anxious like some more pure sativa strains might. This strain will help you focus while keeping your spirits high and your body calm.

Marijuana Strain Sour Pinky 5
Buzz Length:
With both smoke sessions the buzz lasted about an hour and a half. The setting was at my house, chillin’ in my room at the end of a long stressful day with some Hot Fuzz and fine medicating. You won’t have to smoke too much to get your desired effect, just a couple small bowls got me nice and buzzed for over an hour, and a joint rolled with about .7 grams had me lifted for slightly longer.
Medical Applications: This is an excellent med for anxiety, stress, PTSD, and ADHD. I myself was having a stressful day filled with driving through hours of traffic and nagging neck pain. With my anxiety kicking in as soon as I got home medicating was necessary a.s.a.p.! After medicating with Sour Pinky I found the stress of the day melt away, and the anxiety of my responsibilities becomes non-existent, allowing me to be fully functional when getting my work done!

With great genetics backing up this strain it’s no surprise this overall great med was the result. From look to smell to taste this flower will definitely appeal to several senses of any cannabis smoker or connoisseur. I applaud Harbors ide’s efforts at promoting the buying and growing of “Sun Grown” meds, the last “Sun Grown” strain I received from them was a Pure Platinum Kush that tested at over 22%THC! And when smoked those test results came through, and the Sour Pinky is another great “Sun Grown” example.

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