Star Dawg Marijuana Strain Review

Star Dawg Marijuana Strain

Star Dawg is a hybrid marijuana strain that is known for its potent and long-lasting effects. It is a cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg strains, both of which are also popular in the cannabis community. It’s known for its dense, sticky buds with a strong diesel aroma that is reminiscent of its Chemdawg parentage. It typically has a high THC content, ranging from 18% to 26%, making it a potent strain that is often used for medicinal and recreational purposes.
Review BY: @XinckAlviso
Name: Star Dawg (S/I)
Score: 9.5/10
From: Harborside Health Center of San Jose (@HHCSJ on Twitter)
Cannabinoids: 17.38% THC, 0.13% CBD, Test results provided by Steep Hill Lab. (@steephilllab)
Type: (S/I) A 90% Sativa dominant hybrid with some faint, but noticeable Indica effects.
Genetics: Chem Dawg4 X Tres Dawg (Double Dawg X Chem Dawg). This strain has quite a lineage! Chem Dawg 4 is a legendary strain in the same family as OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Chem Dawg 4 is an excellent sativa strain that tends to be a stand out phenotype within the Chem Dawg family for its consistent yield and potency. When growing, the plant seems to sheen with an insurmountable amount of crystal clear trichomes. While not much is known about Tres Dawg, it is said that it was bred by the original grower of the Chem Dawg family, starting with back crossing Chem Dawg with itself (resulting in Double Dawg), then once that strain was stabilized back crossing it once again with Chem Dawg.
Price: $17/g ($18.40 with tax), $60/8th ($64.95 with tax)
Appearance: The gram I received was made up of about 4, small sized nugs. While the nugs were small, they were abundant with color! The color is a nice calm fen-green (the legendary color of The Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston, MA) with blindingly bright sheen of clear colored trichomes. While these weren’t the biggest nugs, they were consumed in beautiful sparkling trichs. The hairs are a nice vibrant orange, but not neon vibrant like those found on Jillybean. There was a very small amount of stem with these small buds, resulting in more medicine to smoke and less stem weighing down your meds weight!

Star Dawg Marijuana Strain 2 from the Harborside Health Center in San Jose California

Smell: A very dense and vigorous Chem Dawg smell. At the time I was deciding on my meds I also checked out a batch of some Tahoe OG (One of my favorite strains), a relative of the Chem Dawg family, and it definitely came through in the smell. When whole, the buds have a seemingly sweet OG smell to it, but once ground up it transforms to the powerful Chem Dawggy-Dawg smell we all know and love! When ground up in my metal grinder the sour Chem Dawg flavor radiates off of the shredded flower making my mouth water!
Flavor: This one was quite interesting for flavor. The first night I brought this home I smoked two good sized bowls in my Hi-Si glass bong; both times the flower had a classic sour chemy taste, with a distinct after taste of buttery popcorn. The smoke was hearty, yet smooth. The next day I smoked the last couple bowls out of my glass Hi-Si hex beaker bong again, but the taste seemed to have changed. This time it was a more sweet and subtle Chem Dawg taste with absolutely no after taste. The smoking conditions were exactly the same, but the taste was noticeably different. Whether this was due to a change of setting, or bong water, I am not sure. But in either situation the flower came through with some excellent flavor!

Star Dawg Marijuana Strain 3

High: A very active and uplifting sativa buzz is what I experienced with Star Dawg. After smoking a few bowls I began to feel the classic pressure behind the eyes that comes with classic sativa strains, followed by a surge of energy and chattiness. I was a little groggy prior to medicating with Star Dawg in the morning, but after a few bong rips the grogginess had lifted, and I was wide eyed and ready to tackle my morning! While this is a Sativa dominant hybrid I didn’t really experience too much of an Indica affect, there was the classic subtle body relaxing affect, but it was minimal. If I was labeling this strain myself I’d say it leans more towards a pure sativa.

Star Dawg Marijuana Strain 4

Buzz Length: 2 hours plus. This one goes the distance when it comes to buzz length, after a few simple bowls in the morning followed by my daily errands I felt medicated the entire time. I medicated pry around 11 A.M. and my anxiety stress was non-existent for about three hours, and I did not feel the need to medicate again for another hour after that! When medicating with flower I find the average buzz to last from an hour, to an hour and a half. I was very pleased when I could still feel the effects of this strain over two hours prior to medicating.
Medical Uses: Star Dawg is an exceptional med for treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, PTSD, and ADD to name just a few. As I previously said Star Dawg leans more heavily towards a pure sativa, so those seeking some Indica benefits from a hybrid should tread lightly when choosing this med to treat conditions more effectively treated with Indica dominant strains.
Overall: Star Dawg is truly a “Best in Show” Sativa strain, at the time I was deciding on what strain to choose I was conflicted between going with a favorite strain I know and love, or try a new and mysterious strain in the hopes of adding another to the list of favorites. Star Dawg has definitely made that list joining the likes of Tahoe OG, Northern Kush, Cookies, Bogglegum, Fire OG, and Jillybean! This is a rare strain Sativa dominant that originated in Oakland, CA at the Oaksterdam Cannabis College, so if you happen to get lucky enough to stumble upon this strain, be sure to put that Dawg on a leash! Because nothing compares to true Cali pure bred genetics!

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  1. Chris B.

    great review! gonna have to stop by harborside and try some, thanks for the recommendation

  2. thestardawg

    Star Dawg originated with JJ-NYC, had nothing to do with Oakland. Kyle Kushmans cut from Studio City took 2nd place in 2011.

  3. Xinck

    @thestardawg You are correct sir! First time I heard of it was in a Oaksterdam clone catalogue claiming the strain came exclusively from them, and I was unable to find any other source. But after further research I’ve discovered that Star Dawg indeed derives from the breeder JJ-NYC. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Snuffy775

    Dope…chem dawg is a legend

  5. Agent Stardog

    I was under the impression it was from Denver, because the Clinic there has the best Stardawg Guava! I tries some White Stardawg in Berkeley that was almost as good, and some alleged Stardawg in San Diego not on the same level… Are they all related?

  6. Fucking HIgh

    Wow. Had a text from my dealer while on lunch today telling me he had StarDawg in. Got home, googled the strain and have never been so excited to smoke a weed.

  7. Fortyrounds

    It’s great for ptsd

  8. KeeN

    I just copped StarDawg Guava, Private Reserve OG, Cherry Pie OG, an XXX OG clones from PDX collectives in Portland, Oregon. Super stoked about my first grow an reading about this StarDawg Guava medicinal benefits which all cover a varitey my fiancee is diagnosed with is a blessing!

  9. Charlie

    Bought two buds in Bolder Colorado..expensive but kicked my ass…the best

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