Tahoe OG Kush Review

tahoe og kush


We think marijuana should be reviewed by the people who enjoy it the most…STONERS! That’s why we’re paying eryday STONERS just like YOU…to smoke some WEED and write about it.

Tahoe OG Kush
Score: Fire!
From: Harborside Health Center (San Jose). Their Tahoe OG yield was super fat apparently.
Genetics: Tahoe O.G. Kush Phenotype. But of course I could be wrong there’s a long story on how the Tahoe OG strain came to be. And there’s a ton of stories about the origin of OG. Check this out if you need info on the meaning of OG.
Indica/ Sativa: Indica Dominant
Canbinoid Breakdown: CBD: 0.52%, CBN: 0.15%, THC: 16.79%, CBC: <0.01%, THCV: <0.01…Total: 19.85
Symptom Relief: Tahoe kush is said to treat pain, insomnia and nausea.
Price: $17/gram, $60/eighth. This bud is a little pricy but you definitely get what you pay for. I found the Tahoe OG strain to be very well worth the steep price.
Appearance: The appearance of this tasty-looking Tahoe OG Kush will catch your attention. The bright orange hairs on this medication curl around dark leaves with bursts of trichomes exploding from every nug. You can tell this OG Tahoe bud is fire just by looking at it.

Tahoe OG Kush
Smell: Tahoe OG Kush straight stinks (even more when you smoke it). If you’re not trying to reek of bomb bud, I would definitely recommend gum spray or some shit to cover it up.
Flavor: This Tahoe OG Kush tasted something like sweet n sour, a bit tangy. You can taste the distinct rich Kush flavor. You’re going to need some water with this bud because it will make you thirsty and definitely brings on the cotton mouth.

Tahoe OG KushHigh: Like most Kush, Tahoe OG Kush never disappoints. Its high is very potent and long lasting. The heaviness is felt immediately, and the Sativa effects of this hybrid creep in later.
Buss Length: Tahoe OG Kush takes you on a nice ride. Its effects can last for hours.
Medical Uses: This strain is a perfect nightcap for those who have trouble sleeping. Tahoe OG Kush is strong—smoke too much and the next thing you know you’re sleeping like a baby. Its effects are almost immediate and can last for hours—just how most like their medication.
Tahoe OG Kush did not disappoint. If you like Kush or medication that brings on relaxing effects, then this bud is for you.

Have you ever tried the Tahoe OG strain or any other Tahoe strain? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below…

9 Responses to “Tahoe OG Kush Review”

  1. Ricky

    So it’s expensive…but what’s the price? Who wrote this one?

  2. Faycless

    No weed is worth 60 bucks a eighth. I just can NOT affort that.

  3. mindstate1

    im not on that budget either, but it sounds like a kill ass batch.

  4. mindstate1

    it sound right up the alley fer me ailments

  5. mindstate1

    fascinating trying to figure out the facts regarding the genetics of this fucking awesome possibly lil fluke creating these monumental strain’s cuts n beans.

  6. Kingganja

    thanx yall am growin it 

  7. rere

    We just got some of this ^_^ #bombshit!

  8. Uknowit

    It’s worth 20$/gram… I get it all the time

  9. quit complaining

    You think 60\ eighth is expensive? Wait til we legalize it . Try 75 an eighth for recreational . The government will tax the shit out of all of us wait and see . And if you are complaining about how much it costs then go try and grow it yourself ..

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