The White Strain Review

The White Strain

The White Strain Review

REVIEW BY: @pak_smorbols
Strain Name:  The White
Florin Wellness Center @Florinwc
Type: Indica 27% THC, .13% CBD
???, but I’d venture a guess that it’s from OG Raskal genetics
Every nug right down to the pebbles are littered with Golden to Creamy White Trichomes, giving it that White appearance. I’m not kidding there is so much Trich coverage you hardly notice the Gorgeous light green buds and light orange hairs…maybe they look “Light” in color do to the EXTREME Trich coverage over everything. Bet this would make some Incredible wax.The White StrainSmell: I keep sticking my nose in the jar trying to place this the amazing fragrance of The White Strain. Smells sweet like a fruity Kush but seems like there’s some subtle Chem 4 odors in there too.

Flavor: The smell and flavor have some similarities and some striking differences. That Chem 4 smell I noted earlier is very present on the inhale. The exhale is what caught me off guard. I was expecting a sweeter taste being from a Kush line and the smell I was getting from the flowers, but what I got was a very distinguished OG earthy flavor…not complaining at all, just caught off guard. Overall the Flavor was smooth and lasted all the way thru the end of the bowl. The Chem flavor is most definitely not from poor flushing due to the white ash I noticed on cashing the bowl.
The White StrainBuzz: Very smooth and relaxing buzz, but not to relaxing that you get locked to your furniture. Felt fully functional and focused with this herb. THE WHITE had a long lasting buzz too, for 27% it better, somewhere in the 2 hour range. Not really sure got busy writing and taking pictures, so time just seemed to flow on by.
Medical Use:
Would be good for pain relief especially thru the Neck and Back. I found my self very focused and calm; great for those that suffers with Anxiety and Stress but still need to be functional.
The White Strain Overall: If you see this strain at your local dispensary grab some, IT IS AMAZING…when grown properly. I love the effects of this heavy Indica, for a Sativa lover, it hits you heavy but leaves you clear headed enough to be fully functional. No need for a scope to see these Trichs they are all over and fully visible to the naked eye. Finally a little note to dispensaries…I love the 1/4/8/16/32 gram measurements that @Florinwc weighs their meds out too.

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  1. Maximino27

    I have some now. Haven’t been this high in a while.

  2. nug

    just p/u 3 new babies to make “moms” not a big yielder,we’ll see.but xcited none the less

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