New Mary Jane App Finds Delicious Dank

Mary Jane AppMary Jane App helps Find Tasty Weed

Mary Jane knows tasty weed. And she wants to tell you all about it. No, not that girl who’s all gaga for Spider Man. We’re talking about the dope new app, Mary Jane, or MJ for short. In a climate where tech companies are closing doors to cannabis businesses and enthusiasts alike this new app pioneers a platform for users to find great tasting cannabis. And earn credibility along the way.

Better tasting cannabis? You betcha. Sure potency is definitely important. But to today’s cannabis connoisseur flavor takes the cake. Potency problems are solved by smoking more or simply adding more THC. But with the proliferation of legalization and with it the boom in available flavors who wants to smoke nasty tasting pot nowadays?

“MJ allows cannabis connoisseurs a superb way to find the best marijuana and alert others to efficiently guide people and the industry towards better tasting cannabis,” says Mary Jane’s brainchild, Bertrand Bisson.

Lemon OGIt’s not just cannabis lovers who can gain from this innovative new app however. One underserved segment of the industry that can immediately benefit from MJ are cannabis breeders. That’s because as most growers approach a breeding project they’re not looking for characteristics associated with size, speed, yield or vigor—they’re after particular flavors. Take SubCool for instance. He’s the origin of award-winning strains like Vortex, Chernobyl, Querkle and Space Bomb to name a few. When he’s looking to create a new strain, flavor is his main focus.

“Since the day I started being a seed maker, it’s all been about flavor—increasing the flavor in my varieties. That’s important,” the legendary breeder said at the Emerald Cup a few years ago.

And since strain information, especially about flavor and their associated terpenes, is scattered all over the web it’s hard to utilize. But the MJ app solves this problem by acting as a perfect curator. Looking to smoke something spicy and earthy? Use the app to zero in on strains with only those attributes. Looking to create a new strain that tastes like grape bubble gum and gasoline? Mary Jane’s got your back. Want to find something that works for your particular vape pen? Opening a dispensary and need to know what sells well in the area? Looking for a dispensary? Well, you get the idea…

MJ AppContent will stay on MJ

Mary Jane also allows enthusiasts to express their enthusiasm without fear of reprisal. “We are focused on peoples’ contribution and their skills, but we don’t necessarily care who they are in the real world. MJ allows users to build an anonymous or public persona,” says Bisson.

In the past few months Instagram has deleted dozens of cannabis-related accounts, reports BuzzFeed. “Apple’s App Store began aggressively policing recreational marijuana content this past fall. With a flick of a switch, a digital marijuana business can lose access to its entire customer base. Not just cannabis dispensaries, hash oil extractors, and edible makers, but any individual who posts a lot about weed or business that sells marijuana-related products,” they continue.

“They wake up one morning to find the following they’ve been building for months has been destroyed and they’ll never get much of an answer why,” the Willamette Week reported about similar instances where users have suddenly had their accounts deactivated.

Unlike Instagram, the Apple Store and even Facebook that delete marijuana accounts willy nilly, MJ won’t delete your account or nix your hard work because you’re promoting pot. In fact they’ll allow you to own your expertise. Users can approach the app as an expert and contribute their knowledge as a critic, journalist, budtender or grower. Budtenders and dispensary owners can also register as well as medical patients, doctors and legalization advocates. If you love weed there’s definitely a place for you on MJ and a need for your contribution.

“You can find so many places where people talk about marijuana but few places where the content is good and serious,” says the app’s creator.

Now about earning that cash?

Along with the ability to upload a photograph and description to the MJ app users can also tag and search for attributes including how the cannabis was consumed, how it made them feel, where they got it., etc. They can also earn some cash. Soon MJ will allow users to open their own retail platform. And just about any stoner can start selling as an affiliate. Have a huge social media following already?  Dope. Use MJ to change those converts into customers and start earning from your weed expertise. And you thought all those years smoking pot weren’t going to pay off?

Download MJ, follow us (@stoner)stuff) and let us know what you think about the app in the comments below…

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