Medicated Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Recipe

Medicated Brussels Sprouts with BaconMedicated Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Recipe by Payton Curry from

This dish is all about the bacon and I ain’t talking about Kevin Bacon. Believe me you’d want no degrees of separation between these sprouts and your face. I mean c’mon now—marijuana is the bacon of plants!

So lets be honest—adding weed and bacon to those little, tree-like sprouts elevates them to seriously delicious new heights. When you drop ’em in the pan give them a good sear and remember to let them cook—so stop over crowding and shaking the pan! Take MY advice and finish them with some cannabutter. It helps balance the bitterness that some don’t like and will in fact encourage high 5’s.

1  pound Brussels Sprouts, Blanched
4  ounces bacon chunks
4  garlic cloves, minced
½  teaspoon rosemary
3  fresh oregano sprigs
2  tablespoons medicated oil
Lemon juice

In a cast iron or stainless steel pan add medicated oil and place on medium heat. Add bacon chucks and render for 6-8 minutes. Remove and add dry Brussels sprouts to pan and blister the bottoms—not too hot however, it will burn and taste bitter. Add bacon back to pan, lower heat and add garlic, herbs and some onion if you feel fancy. Optionally yet HIGHly encouraged, deglaze with 3 ounces of white wine and 2 tablespoons Budda if you have it around and want to be fancy

Payton Curry, the Culinary Cannabis Chef at Northsight Capital—who oversee and—is a modern-day apothecary combining his skills for cooking with a desire to teach people about the benefits of medicinal marijuana and how to prepare their own treatments. The talented Culinary Institute of America graduate also owns Brat Haüs in Scottsdale, AZ and Cannabis Curryosity Consulting.

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