Method Seven Glasses Review

Method Seven Glasses Review 4Method Seven Glasses Review

If you grow marijuana indoors you’ve probably taken a leaf or two outside to view it in natural light. Why? Because High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting, whether it be HPS (high pressure sodium), MH (metal halide) or even LED distorts color making it difficult to gauge marijuana’s health. Plus the UV rays emitted from HID lighting are really terrible for the eyes, man. In fact UV damage adds up. Each time you step into a grow room your retinas and corneas are getting sunburned just a little bit. The sun would do the same thing, man, that is if it’s UV rays weren’t filtered by the Earth’s upper atmosphere. You’d know that if you paid attention in science class.

Method Seven Glasses ReviewMethod Seven Optics have created an assortment of stylish, purpose-built glasses to protect growers eyes and help them better see their indoor and outdoor gardens. And they sent us a couple pairs to review. Both glasses feature custom crafted Italian frames plus distortion-free, polycarbonate and nylon lenses precision made in Germany by Carl Zeiss.

The first pair we tested was the Coup SUN Polarized model, intended for outdoor use (pictured below on the box of FREE STICKERS). They have a slightly boxy Wayfarer look and work equally well as everyday sunglasses and helpful plant inspection tool. Unlike typical sunglasses these didn’t filter out too much of the green or red color spectrum. With them on the bright outdoor light was slightly dimmed and life’s colors, especially the beautiful colors of weed, came right to life. Oh and because they’re polarized they work super-killer near water.

The other pair of glasses that Method Seven sent along, made to filter harsh HPS lighting, were the Resistance Perfect Color HPS model (pictured at the top & in the garden shot). These are the only glasses in the world that filter out the harsh colors of HPS lighting. We put them on in our grow room and it was like looking at our plants in plain daylight. Pure awesome. The glasses definitely made it easier for us to look for pests and plant deficiencies. They should also help reduce the eye-strain and headaches associated with working long hours under harsh HPS lighting. After putting these on, man, there’s no going back—we won’t be entering a grow room without ’em.

If you garden, don’t grow blind, dude! Pick up some Method Seven glasses. Not only will these high-tech glasses help you save your vision, they’ll help you save your plants and that’s HELLA STUFF STONERS LIKE. For more information visit

Method Seven Glasses Review

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