Romney DISSES Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

A sick and dying man shows up to a conference in a wheelchair…finally gets his chance to speak to Governor Romney about medical marijuana…he explains that according to his 5 doctors,medical marijuana is the only drug that keeps him from starving to death and as you can see here…Robo Romney quickly dismisses him…not even giving the guy an explanation as to why he’s against medical marijuana, let alone a reasonable answer to his question.

We all know robotic Mitt Romney is all about big biz and big money and enjoys firing people and shit…but now we have proof that he’s not only a marijuana-hatin’ motherfucker, he’s also a heartless asshole.

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  1. Gary S. Irvin

    Mitt should be ashamed of himself for this callous treatment of a person who had not only the courage, but the willingness to put himself in harms way in order to get this question in front of a Presidential candidate. It just goes to show that Mitt, along with the rest of our so called “educated” representatives, is doing nothing more than burying his head in the sand when it comes to medical marijuana or marijuana in any use case. They spout statistics and quote doctors who were paid for their testimonials and think they are correct in keeping cannabis as schedule 1. This shows their real ignorance about this wonderful plant. The way Robo Romney replied was not only ignorant, but downright shameful and disrespectful. If you or I were to treat any candidate this way we would be escorted out of the meeting and not be allowed to return. This goes to show that the candidates do not care about individual voters whether they be disabled, dying, or simply enjoy cannabis. They lump us all in the group of “stoners” and automatically dismiss anything we say as drug clouded misinformation. But what about their “promises” made during campaigning? That is about the worst type of misinformation I have ever heard. And when they do not live up to any off their promises, they do not care because they already have the job they want. All politicians should get shock treatment and heavy doses of Haladol until they no longer want to be politicians. Eradicate this word from the English language. At the age of 12, ask every child what they want to be when they grow up. Any saying politician get the same shock treatment and drugs till they change their mind. Within a few generations, no one will want to be a politician anymore. At that time, people who actually care about the people and not about the power they see the positions as having. Get rid of the exorbitant wages paid to the politicians, make lobbying a capital offense, and if a candidate gets elected, if he or she does not live up to 1/2 of their promises made during the campaign in their first 2 years in office, they will be stripped of their title, removed from office, forced to repay their wages since they were elected, and serve 20 years in prison.

  2. MW


    I can tell you now you do not do what the people want you will be impeached, You need to start taking notice of the peoples will and choice

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