Moüse on Marijuana—The SSL Interview

mouse stencil artist Whether it’s being used to chill with the homies after a sesh or ease the aches of a slam, marijuana and skateboarding go together like spray paint and grip tape. So it’s no wonder that images of the mighty herb have made their way into skateboarding big time. And capitalizing on the moment, the artist known as Moüse is transforming his love for weed, art and skateboarding into an internationally recognized brand.

mouse stencil artist_“I just want to do art, and skate,” says Moüse; skater, stenciler and all around ripper from Oceanside, CA . “It’s not necessarily about fame or fuckin’ money,” he asserts.

Inspired by cartoons, video games, t-shirts and that bright ass neon of the 1980s Moüse got his start fifteen years ago stenciling everything in sight—skateboards, grip tape, shirts, this chick. His work has appeared in the likes of Thrasher Magazine, The Skateboard Mag, Transworld, and Lowcard.

Moüse and his girlfriend and business partner Monika Brunner founded the MoüseMovement and began selling Moüse Grip in 2008. Together they have turned Moüse’s passion into a juggernaut, offering dope shirts and custom hand-painted grip tape from their site. Thanks to Santa Cruz skateboards’ parent company, NHS, you can find Moüse’s shit in just about every legit skateshop around the globe.

MOUSE CONTESTThe dude has collaborated with DGK, Cliche, Nitro Snowboards and Zero among others. And get this—we hear Silver Surfer Vaporizers are coming out with a signature line of Mouse vapes. Fuckin’ cool, eh?

So we had the opportunity to send Moüse a few questions. And the artist sent back answers in his own hand! How fuckin’ cool is that? Or maybe Moüse was really stoned and had his kid brother scribble down all this shit for him, because…man, take a look at that handwriting, yo?

How’d you get the name Moüse?
Got his name

Disney is evil, just like Google, Fox News and Marijuana Prohibition. Has Disney ever fucked with you for using the name Moüse?

disney ever fuck with you

Why? Why do you spray paint shit, man?
why do this

We’ve noticed more and more imagery of STUFF STONERS LIKE in your work. Sup with that? Do you smoke weed?
Do you work stoned? Skate stoned?

skate stoned

We heard ya say that graphics from the 80s are the shit. What is it about the 80s that appeals to ya?

UPDATE: CONTEST HAS ENDED Moüse kicked down some cool shit to kick down to y’all; an XL shirt and some hand painted Mouse Grip. To enter, leave a comment below. We’ll pick a random winner Friday, March 27 at 4:20 PST. If you live within the USA we’ll pay for the shipping. If you live outside of the USA…sorry, man…you gotta pay the shipping.


16 Responses to “Moüse on Marijuana—The SSL Interview”

  1. Jake

    Hell ya man! It’s awesome to see skaters actually make a name for themselves. I’ve been riding this grip since I first saw the eazy-e graphic he did a few years ago. Truly an inspiration to a fellow artist like myself. Keep it up brotha!

  2. jaydee

    Moüse rules. I love all the Simpson stuff. Such raw talent

  3. Danny Witt

    I’ve never seen such RAW talent with spray paint and making stencils in my life!!! To have the ability to just think up something and create it is fuckin mind blowing. Dude is definitely living the “high” life!!! I’ll always rock Mouse grip as long as I’m out there skatin! Keep doin what you’re doin out there Mouse. You have an incredible gift homie!!! 420

  4. Josh cohen

    Moüse’s art is fucking bomb
    Youre the man

  5. Ty Jake

    I’ve been riding Mouse grip for a long time! The amount of talent this guy has is absolutely incredible. Keep making art! You rule

  6. Greg Gee Soto

    Love and respect for mouse. Stoners can do what they love and still become somebody. Fuck the system.Californa highlife , Living with it daily.
    Stay lifted bro. Peace

  7. Anthony Del Valle

    Moüse is the best grip hands down! They supply the best graphics!

  8. Brondon Bond

    Moüse goes hard hands down. Gotta have Moüse grip for every board I ride. It’s essential.
    Love that Bart shirt in the vid too. Big ups to the homie.



  10. :^)_~

    Dope design, had a similar iidea with the caption, sticky fingers

  11. Morgan

    I wanna play with mouse’s hair all day 🙂

  12. ☆Assata☆

    Shirt is AWESOOOOOOOOME!!!! I need this!!

  13. Trever James Moder

    Way too rad!

  14. Courtney K

    His dreads though… Can I win him and the shirt? :p

  15. Angel Mendoza

    Let me be winner please 🙂

  16. stoner

    That is sick grip and sick shirt I need the grip badly the shirt I will use to Skate

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