Moving Marijuana Plants

Moving Marijuana PlantsQUESTION: I have a few plants that have been in the ground for about 3 weeks, but I have to move them immediately as my mother-in-law is coming to visit soon. I have a great  spot for them that’s a bit hidden, but i don’t even know if it’s possible to pull them up and move them. Any help would be great.

Dru West: Moving the plants at this point is risky. If they have been in the ground that long, their roots have already spread out quite a bit, which will make it difficult to transplant without damaging them.  If you are going to move them, be very careful. Unfortunately, moving them at this point is probably going to stress them out.

Instead of trying to move them, is there any way you can plant something in front of them or stack up some wood to block the view? Maybe just go buy some Japanese Maples to set in front of them.

You can stake the weed plants down, so the stalk is parallel to the ground. Prune off the branches from the underside, and continue to keep growing them like vines along the ground. This is a good way to conceal them and will actually increase your yield.

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  1. avi

    Hi. Awhile back you made a comment about staking your weed plant parallel to the ground, and in doing so will yield more weed. Why is that, and do you then recommend doing that to the plant always if you have the room? Thank you.

  2. young sosa51

    My plant is about a inch high and growing good the problem is I have to move it without it affecting the growth how can I move it without killing the growth????

  3. reason4him

    hey i’m in a bind , i have 5 VERY good looking plants that have already started to mature .. i HAVE TO MOVE THEM no other options …they r now in the ground…is there a better time of day for the plant its self to b moved ? and should i put them back in the ground or try a bucket ? please help…

  4. laura lab

    i too have a huge problem.i have grown my first weed plants.the are huge.i am now a nervouse wreck thinking of a dea raid.i have a very over active imagination.figure im the first 55 year old chaplian to get busted.can i move the plants inside?it has to be 5ft tall and 3 feet wide.or is illinois law a misdeamenaor for 2 scared now

  5. Moutaion man

    Can i dip up a plant after being in the ground for 4 days

  6. Jen

    Hi. A neighbor of mine has a few marijuana plants that are 3-5ft tall. Someone stole his 6ft plant and now he wants to move the others, is there a safe way to transfer them without shocking or killing them?

  7. Jersey

    Want to know the answers to moving weed

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