New Hampshire Veto Medical Marijuana Bill

medicalmarijuanaNew Hampshire Democratic Governor John Lynch just vetoed new legislation that would have made NH the 14th state to legalize marijuana. Apparently, Lynch has been bagging on the legislation for quite a while and even forced a rewrite, saying the bill had too many defects.

“I understand and empathize with the advocates for allowing medical marijuana use in New Hampshire,” said the Governor. “However, the fact remains that marijuana use for any purpose remains illegal under federal law.”

Let’s not forget that back in February U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, went public and said that DEA raids would no longer continue, and that an end to such raids, according to Holder, was “now U.S. policy.” Seems like Governor John Lynch is confused or maybe he’s just making excuses.

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  1. Levi

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  2. C P

    “However, the fact remains that marijuana use for any purpose remains illegal under federal law.”

    The call of the cowards repeated in every state most recently repeated of all places by Detroit Police Chief James Craig “Federal law supersedes local law”, Craig said. Marijuana “is still illegal in Detroit” – Detroit Free Press February 2, 2014
    November 2012 Voters in Detroit voted to legalize possession of 1 ounce or less inside of a home. Detroit does not have enough problems so the Chief of Police is going to make statements that will keep him at odds with the majority of residents. I’m curious to see if any charges of possession will be brought upon a Detroit resident or if the Wayne County Prosecutor will even prosecute.

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