BREAKING NEWS-Multiple Sclerosis Patient Sentenced to 5 Yrs for Growing Weed

Back in ‘09 we reported a sickening case of injustice involving a New Jersey multiple sclerosis patient, John Wilson, who was arrested for growing 17 pot plants behind his home. Well, it appears Wilson is headed to prison for the next five years. Unfortunately, last week a court of appeals tossed out a last-ditch attempt at overturning his conviction.

Wilson, who has suffered from MS for 9 years, claimed the plants were for medicinal use, but at his trial he was barred from telling that to the jury. He wasn’t allowed to explain that he grew the weed to relieve his MS symptoms either, nor was he even allowed to have an expert explain the medical benefits of marijuana.

At least Wilson was acquitted of the trumped-up charges of “maintaining or operating a drug-production facility”, which could have led to a barbaric 20-year sentence. Instead he was sentenced to five years and found guilty of manufacturing and possession.

Wilson will spend his five years in a private prison (the government commonly spends your tax dollars on privately-owned prisons) where he won’t be allowed to use medical marijuana to treat his debilitating MS symptoms. Instead, he’ll need to rely on expensive, Big-Pharma, chemical treatments, again at taxpayer’s expense. Keep in mind tax payers will also fit the bill for the incarceration as well as all the costs involved in investigating, (they incorporated helicopters…that shit can’t be cheap) prosecuting and convicting an ill man who is absolutely no threat to society. Of course, had New Jersey passed their medical marijuana law sooner, Wilson wouldn’t have had to resort to growing his own and none of this would have probably happened.

Our thoughts and positive vibes are with you John Wilson.


5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS-Multiple Sclerosis Patient Sentenced to 5 Yrs for Growing Weed”

  1. Dispensary Reviews

    Complete and utter bullshit.

  2. Dispensary Index

    What a complete travesty this is. “Justice” indeed.

  3. Dispensary Index

    What a complete travesty this is. “Justice” indeed.

  4. Joie Messel

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  5. Phatmike

    I got busted growing marijuana i was growing o treat chronic pain. Previously to using marijuana to treat my pain my doctor had me on 480mg of oxycottin per day/120mg of oxycodone quick release per day and a 100 mg fentonol patch for every two days.I am going through the court system now i live in rochester ny. any adivice?

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