New Product Has Kids Growing Marijuana

Kids Growing MarijuanaNew product has kids growing marijuana

There’s a new cannabis company that wants to teach your kids how to grow marijuana. Nope. We’re not making this stuff up, dude—we got an email from ’em earlier today. To get kids hooked on growing weed this UK-based company is selling a cannabis grow kit for kids that you can buy through the mail.

“We believe Cannabis should be legalised and that children and adults alike should begin educating themselves about the myriad of uses and benefits it can provide,” it says on My First Grow’s website. “Our Hemp grow kits are the perfect first stepping stone in a journey of Cannabis discovery.”

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Like we said, these dudes are from the UK where it’s illegal for any adult to grow a marijuana plant. Growing marijuana is also illegal for kids of course. Also sending marijuana seeds through the mail to the United States is illegal as well. That’s something legendary Canadian activist and head-cheese of Cannabis Culture magazine Marc Emery did. It led to years of him being held as a political prisoner here at home.

Growing Marijuana for kids
My First Grow offers marijuana growing kits for kids

With legalization sweeping our nation, cultivating cannabis is completely legal in some parts of the US. Adults in Oregon and Colorado can grow weed. And adults in several other states with medical marijuana recommendations can also grow weed. Kids and marijuana growing? Not so much. Well, we haven’t heard of any kiddie cannabis cultivators yet. But we do know many kids are benefiting for cannabis. So why not teach them where it comes from, right? Well…

“Hemp is part of the Cannabis family but without the psychoactive properties; perfect for your child’s first grow,” says the My First Grow website. How does it work? According to the video on their site: You pour in the water and watch it expand. Then you put in the seeds and watch it grow. For £7.99 you’ll get:

  • 1x Growing cup
  • 1x Packet of hemp seeds (approximately 6 seeds in each)
  • 1x Packet of compressed soil
  • 1x Instructions and hemp information leaflet
  • 2x My First Grow stickers
Children Growing Marijuana
Children Growing Marijuana

Isn’t growing marijuana illegal in the UK?

Well there’s a disclaimer on the My First Grow site that says:

Our products are novelty adult souvenirs only. Although the Hemp seeds we sell are genuine, they are NOT to be germinated in jurisdictions where it is against the law to do so. By purchasing seeds from this website, you are agreeing to buy a collectible adult souvenir only, not for germination.

Apparently My First Grow not liable if you or you kids get caught growing weed: My First Grow cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting from the use of products sold on this website, including but not limited to criminal prosecution and property seizure.

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Anyhow in their marketing video above one of the kids mentions that his daddy says drugs are dangerous. Luckily one of the other little weed-growers in the video encourages him to continue cultivating cannabis.

“It’s okay. This isn’t a drug. it’s a plant; cannabis. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as medicine, for building houses, clothing and even food.”

“Wow, cannabis is amazing,” says her friend to the peer pressure.

What do you think about kids growing weed? Would you buy this for one of you children? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Uksteve

    Let’s legalise educate and medicate before we get the kids to grow their own. … I agree that we need educating however lets educate the adults first. ……

  2. Elizabeth Pallett

    Marijuana is a poison designed to kill, the plant in the picture is Cannabis , for goodness sake show some education your parents paid for and use the correct name and not some prohibitionist terms.

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