High Times Nor Cal Cannabis Cup Tickets Giveaway

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  1. Like our Facebook Page.
  2. Leave a comment below telling us why you want to score these tix.
  3. Smoke a bowl—because that’s it. You’re done.

We have two sets of tickets to kick down. We’ll pick two random winners at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Friday June 12. Each person will receive two tickets. Please make sure you’re able to attend the Cup if you enter the contest. We’ll give your names to High Times and they’ll take care of you. We’ll also mail you some SSL STICKERS.

About the 2015 Nor Cal Cannabis Cup

HIGH TIMES is returning to the Bay Area for the 2015 HIGH TIMES Nor Cal Medical Cannabis Cup — and this time, they’re sparking up at the legendary Cow Palace June 20—21.

Back in 2010, HIGH TIMES held its first stateside Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, the mags editor Dan Skye points out. “So we’ve always felt the Cups American roots are in the Bay Area. Certainly, once marijuana is legalized in California, the Bay Area will most likely replace Denver as the ‘weed capital’ of America.”

Let us help you kick off your summer by kicking you down a set of free tickets to enjoy outdoor pot smoking, cool vendors and seminars and classes taught by the mag’s world-renowned cultivation editors, including Danny Danko—element #99 on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like.

Nor Cal Canabis Cup
High Times Magazine’s Nor Cal Cannabis Cup is June 20-21 2015 at the Cow Palace

“We’ve got a full slate of seminars and the panelists are made up of top leaders and businesspeople of California, says Dan Skye Editor-in-Chief. Steel Pulse is headlining our Saturday night concert and the Cannabis Cup awards are on Sunday night. It’s a party, a trade show and a stoned version of the Academy Awards all wrapped into one says, Dan Skye.”

High Times is the OG of all cannabis magazines and I’m tremendously honored to be honored by them, DeAngelo tells us about the upcoming Nor Cal Cup. “If you look at my work through the years at Ecolution, Harborside Health Center, Steephill Laboratory, Arc View, I’ve really followed the founder of High Time, Tom Forscade’s model of expressing radical politics through a corporation.

The Cup is open for all adults 18+. You do not need a medical card to attend the Cup, but you will need a doctor’s recommendation or medical card if you plan to consume cannabis on-site, in accordance with California law.

Visit cannabiscup.com for tickets.

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13 Responses to “High Times Nor Cal Cannabis Cup Tickets Giveaway”

  1. Denice Lessard

    Hmmm, what book? I see a poster, but I am high, so maybe I’m missing something. I am going to the Cup and don’t need a free ticket.
    Just want to give a shout out to tell you how much ❤️ I have for you guys.
    Now, if it’s one of those $420.00 tickets I can tell you why I should win! Lol.
    See you there. Also, there will be a large psychedelic art gallery that you should not miss. The work is mind bending and a must see for everyone at the Cup!

  2. Nick Saal

    I want to score these tickets so that I might actually have money to spend once inside haha, straight up!

    Step 3 in progress…

  3. toni bousman

    I want to win these tickets because I have never been1 (Yet) and its definitely my future plans. I have vacation days piled up so fingers crossed! #LetTheGoodTimesRoll

  4. Emily

    I like books, I like the Cannabis Cup, I liked your Facebook page, now you can like me with some free tix!

  5. Kyle reilly

    I want to win because I have a passion for cannabis and I would love to make connections with people whom I’ve never met on the other side of the country! Plus I wanna smoke mad bud.

  6. David brooks

    I love you Mary Jane. I don’t want to judge you, I want to love you. I need these tickets because I love cannabis and it’s culture. I want to be a part of this awesome event. I wanna feel like we have a freedom that they’ve taken from us. I want to celebrate! #goodvibes #cup

  7. Christine

    i would like to know how I can get paid to try the MJ waxes and butters… I fell on ’06 and received a Traumatic Head Injury resulting in Horrible daily headaches and all over pain…I read about this and do have a vap pen and have tried some wax…given to me as a gift from a friend, who knew I had lots of pain…info wold be appreciated! Thank You…Chris

  8. Aaron Hilliard

    I would greatly appreciate these tickets because I stay all the way out in Houston, tx where consumption is still illegal. It doesn’t look like the cannabis cup will be coming out here any time soon, and I would love the experience of a legal smoke.

  9. Jen Hudyma

    I want the book so I can do a book review on it and share the word with the stoner world! And the tickets, so I can see all the awesome strains coming out of Cali and compare what’s going on there to what’s happening here in Portland. I’ll be at the PDX cup!

  10. Jeff

    I’d really like to win as I’ve never been to a high times cup, only heard amazing things. I also live walking distance from where it’s being hosted this year! The culture surrounding the cup is like no other, and to partake in such an event with the entire cannabis community would be mind blowing! Especially being that the Bay Area is such a leader in this community ! 😉

  11. Cannablissed

    I would like to win, because who doesn’t want to go to their first High Times Cannabis Cup?! As a blossoming activist in BC Canada, I’d love to meet folks from around the world and share strategies and buds! Thanks for a great opportunity!

  12. Katie Meck

    I would like to win because I have never been to one and it seems freaking rad! I have been pretty sheltered and work all the time a nice getaway would be good..especially with my best friend Mary Jane…

  13. Claudia Wimber

    I have had a a rough 2016,seperation of 26 years and then fell paralyzed, major surgery. Rod and cages put in my back. Then robbed by nephew while learning how to walk again . I have lost so much since The new year began. Ex-husband ‘s birthday is in June. I would love to celebrate being alive and free. Thanx Truly, CJ

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