NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup Recap with PICS

Nor Cal Cannabis Cup 2015We hit up the NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup over the weekend—High Time magazine’s trade-show meets competition . And it was incredible. Tons of people, tons of awesome vendors and tons and pot smoke hovering over the medication area which has grown to enormous proportions over the years. We heard the event was expected to draw more than 16k people, and judging from the amount of people we saw and the cars in the parking lot—the exceed that amount. We heard the parking lot and surrounding neighborhood was so full that people were parking and taking taxis from the SF airport to the event.

Free Dabs at Cannabis Cup
There were SOOOO many opportunities to vape FREE DABS

This year the party was really all in the medication area. If you didn’t show up with a doctor recommendation to smoke weed, you could get one for $40 on site. Sure, there were a few booths set up inside South San Francisco’s Cow Palace in Daly City, the tireless Russ Belville who kicked off the event with a kick ass speech—“The Marijuana Legalization State of the Union” on Saturday, and a handful of vendors selling pot-themed shirts and artwork and a few peeps checking out the wares.

Hitman Glass at the Cannabis Cup
Hitman makes some killer glass, right?

There were also several seminars inside as well. The chairs during most of them were full, but it really felt like a virtual ghost town in the areas where smoking wasn’t permitted. However, the medication area—now that shit was off the hook. There seemed to be never ending rows of vendors, 416 in total. There were dispensaries, like the Harborside Health Center, who’s leader Steve DeAngelo was honored on Sunday for his 40+-year commitment to cannabis, and several glass and vape pen makers on hand, but they were dominated by vendors kicking down dabs. You could literally show up without any weed at all and get so many free dabs that you’d literally need a ride home.

Vader Extracts Cannabis Cup
Vader Extracts had the biggest booth. And they took home the big prize for best booth.

Some of the booths were insane—especially the Vader Extracts area. These dudes had brought along a stage that rivaled the size of the stage inside the actual Cow Palace and they filled it with some serious talent, (Fortunate Youth were Killer on Sat) lots of machismo and air cannons—which they used to spray dabs and shirts all over the willing crowd. Seemed like there were a couple hundred people in front of that stage all day long. Dr. Green Thumb, a Santa Monica dispensary owned by Cypress Hill’s B-Real, had a ginormous booth and stage as well. We heard B-Real was to make an appearance on Sunday.

Curious about the competition? Here are the results from High Times mag:

Best Product
1st Place – Droid E-Nail | @PIGPEN710
2nd Place – Caviar Gold | Caviar Gold Meds
3rd Place – Moxie Mix | Moxie

Best Booth
1st Place – Vader / Greenwolf / Paris
2nd Place – Delta 9
3rd Place – Caviar Gold

Best Glass
1st Place – Nexus Glass | Nexus Glass
2nd Place – Hitman Glass | Hitman Glass
3rd Place – Slugworth’s Illuminati Set | Green Acres

Best Vaporizer
1st Place – Delta Vape | Delta 9 Products
2nd Place – 710 KingPen
3rd Place – Trippy Stix

Best Topical
1st Place – Crown O.G. “It’s The Balm Healing Salve” by Crown Genetics
2nd Place – Honey Pot Bear Butter by Honey Pot with Pure Joy Collective
3rd Place – Absorb CBD Topical Relief by Absorb with The Seasonal Apothecary

Best Edible
1st Place – Dark Chocolate Macaroons by Utopia Meds
2nd Place – Pineapple Delight Bites by Lifted Edibles
3rd Place – Cinnamon Maple Tree Hugger – Om Edibles & Gold Drop Collaboration

Best CBD Edibles
1st Place – Raw CBD Sipping Cacao by Om Edibles All Female Collective
2nd Place – Beezle’s CBD Brulee – Chocolate Orange by Beezle Extracts
3rd Place – CBD/THC Honey by Baked Beez w/ The W.E.E.D. Studio City

Best CBD Flowers
1st Place – CBD OG by C.R.A.F.T.
2nd Place – Doctor Cookies by Northstar Holistic Collective
3rd Place – Sunkiss CBD by California Growers Guild

Best CBD Concentrate
1st Place – Goji D.C. Live Resin by Moxie Genetics
2nd Place – AC/DC by Scapegoat Genetics
3rd Place – AC/DC by Dankman Extrax

Best Non-Solvent Hash
1st Place – Kimbo Kush Cubantech Drysift by Cubanhashqueen with Exotic Genetix
2nd Place – Cookies & Cream Cubantech Drysift by Exotic Genetix
3rd Place – Peaches N Cream by Full Flava Extracts with E.T. Extracts

Best Sativa Concentrate
1st Place – Citrix #4 by Gold Coast Collection with Apothecary 420
2nd Place – Purple Tangie by Zeinstein Gardens & Loudpack Extracts
3rd Place – Double Tangie Banana by Crockett Family Farms

Best Indica Concentrate
1st Place – AHHS Brand OG by Alternative Herbal Health Services
2nd Place – Banana OG by Crockett Family Farms
3rd Place – Crown OG Live Resin by Prime Extractions

Best Hybrid Concentrate
1st Place – Emperors Mandarins “Shatter” by The Kind Center with Unregistered Extracts
2nd Place – Emperors Mandarins by Greenwolf Collective x Cali Kush Farms
3rd Place – Crown O.G. x Dab Vader O.G. Zombie Resin by Crown Genetics

Best Indica
1st Place – Zkittles by 3rd Gen Family
2nd Place – Kosher Kush from DNA by Greenwolf Los Angeles & Cali Kush Farms
3rd Place – 24K OG Kush by Strain Collective with Pearl Pharma

Best Hybrid
1st Place – Orange Crush by Cannabiotix
2nd Place – Tahoe Chem by C.R.A.F.T.
3rd Place – Chiquita Banana by Utopia Meds – Santa Cruz

Best Sativa
1st Place – Schlemons by The Source Genetics
2nd Place – Super Silver Haze by Life is Good
3rd Place – Super Glue by Vallejo Patients Care


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