Oakland Chickens Out on Large-Scale Weed Grow-Ops

Remember Oakland’s brilliant plan and new city ordinance to seriously cash in on the weed game with those  four proposed weed-culture-crushing, 100,000 square-foot marijuana factories that the Obama administration said are “in violation of state and federal law and could trigger multiple legal actions against the city?” Well…the plan is now on hold. That’s right, the Oakland City Council met last night and voted 7-1 to suspend going forward with the mega-weed grows.

The decision came down after Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley started getting some really cold feet and decided to take the feds threats of impending doom, seriously. She barked earlier this month that the large-scale commercial weed farms city officials wanted to cash in on could be illegal and those opportunists associated with them, including city officials who approved them, could be prosecuted by her office.

2 Responses to “Oakland Chickens Out on Large-Scale Weed Grow-Ops”

  1. greggo

    yea, those are our esteemed elected officials, spines of rubber

  2. dragonfly

    thank Goddess!!! those mega-grows would have marked the end of mom-and-pop TOTALLY LEGAL farmers in california, and CORPORATIZED cannabis!!!

    i’m glad! oakland’s decision keeps POT FOR THE PEOPLE!!! where it belongs!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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