Oakland Sells More WEED than Your City

We hella love Oakland! Not only is beautiful Oakland, California the epicenter of the modern marijuana movement it’s estimated that our three medi-weed dispensaries sold between $35 and $38 MILLION worth of weed this year! Uh, yeah…let’s say that again…around thirty-five to thirty-eight million dollars worth of weed was sold in Oakland this year! That’s like three and a quarter tons of marijuana, according to figures taken from Oakland’s business tax.

The amount of weed Oakland is selling gets higher and higher, of course, every single year since city officials started tracking that shit back in 2004. Not only do sales get higher and higher every year…so does the amount of tax revenue Oakland rakes in. And, of course, that number is going to get higher and higher too as this year the city voted to raise taxes on dispensaries from 1.8 percent to 5 percent. With that new rate, the city expects to bring in $1.5 to $1.8 million in taxes this year alone…all from medical marijuana patients aka sick people.

The board of equalization estimates that in all of California, between $700 million and $1.3 billion worth of medical marijuana is sold, bringing the state sales taxes of between $58 million and $105 million. And, you better believe the Feds want a cut. They’re starting to get suspicious because dispensaries are very much cash and carry businesses and since they’re private they don’t have to publicly declare their earnings, meaning the feds feel a bit short-changed. And, that’s why the IRS is currently auditing the Harborsideside Health Center, Oakland’s largest dispensary that pulled in an estimated $20 million this year!

Since there’s only 446,000 people living in Oakland currently, and this year Oakland sold a whopping 104,000 ounces of marijuana….that’s like 4.2 million joints or 100 joints for every single Oakland resident! Not only does our city sell the most weed…we obviously SMOKE the most WEED too!

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