Obama Evades Answering Legalizing Weed Question

In a repeat of last year Change.org asked the American public for questions to pose to President Obama. The “Your Interview with the President” event  was hosted on YouTube earlier today. And, just like last year, not only did the question of legalizing weed dominate the polls, getting more than twice as many votes as the second most popular question, Obama completely got out of answering it!

Instead of staying on topic…and asking the President about LEGALIZING MARIJAUNA…some former cop named MacKenzie Allen, a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), lumps legalizing weed in with legalizing every other fuckin’ drug? What a waste of opportunity, man.

Putting marijuana in the same category as crack or heroin or meth…is a strategy employed by drug law proponents to keep marijuana illegal. It’s a crying shame Obama wasn’t asked specifically about legalizing WEED like the public demanded.

4 Responses to “Obama Evades Answering Legalizing Weed Question”

  1. Jax


  2. matt mernagh

    i believe in the legalization of all drugs. though im intending to retire after marijuana is legal. do u honestly think these wag the dog shows are important part of the democratic process? give Obama millions in campaign contributions in the next election and pot will be legal.

  3. Reid

    Second term business, folks… save it for the second term.

  4. Nat

    Barf! No! The past however many presidents we’ve had have all been politics as usual prez’s. We need a real prez. Ron Paul! for real change, and if you actually want to see marijuana legalized in ONE term. 😉 He’s your man.

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