OG Kush Strain Review with Pictures

OG Kush Strain

Cannabis Strain Review—OG Kush

Score: 666/10
From: Homegrown, son. Using House & Garden nutes and lotsa vitamins (Flintstones chewables) in cocoa-coir.
Type: The OG Kush strain is mostly a sativa hybrid and despite its name…this strain is not a “Kush” (fuckin’ stoners, right?) although it does posses some indica (kush-ish) traits. But, some stoners do claim there is some actual Kush hidden somewhere in its genetic heritage. Who really knows? You can’t expect stoners to keep track of that kinda shit, man. What’s wrong wit’chu?

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Genetics: A little of this and a lot of that. Actually, when it comes to the OG Kush strain it seems like nobody really knows its exact genetic make-up or how it came to be. But, what we do know is that OG Kush is about as popular in Southern California as fake boobs and sunshine and it’s some of the stoniest shit we’ve ever encountered, man.

OG Kush StrainPrice: This shit’s expensive, dude. According to US Congressman Mark Kirk, a Republican and current member of the Senate from Illinois who introduced legislation to increase the penalties for selling KUSH, this shit can go for as much as $500 per ounce! Capt’n Kirk Buzzkill, in 2009, introduced that penalty-increasing legislation, titled it The High-Potency Marijuana Sentencing Enhancement Act of 2009 (H.R. 2848) and  that said that “if you can make as much money selling pot as cocaine, you should face the same penalties.” Well, you can make a whole lot more selling toxic mortgages to middle-class Americans, but why target those crooks, eh, Kirk?

What the hell would Kirk do in this case? Since OG KUSH has KUSH in it’s name, but doesn’t contain any KUSH? Maybe he’ll introduce new legislation that requires truth in advertising or at least truth in naming marijuana strains? Help us out here dude?

OG Kush StrainAppearance: Like everything outta LA, where this strain is alleged to originate…OG Kush is all glitzy and glamorous and covered in millions of little sparkles. It’s true centerfold weed, man. If Jeff Spicoli saw this shit in the pages of High Times we KNOW he woulda spent all his reward money on OG KUSH instead of getting Van Halen to play at his birthday.
Smell: This shit smells stellar…like Fruity Pebbles floating in PineSol and skunk pee. It’s just magnificent, dude.
Flavor: Dude, ever smoke a fruit punch-flavored Now-and-Later covered in THC crystals? We haven’t either, but we smoked about a pound of it’s equivalent to create this review…OG KUSH.
High: That Kirk jerk, politician dude doesn’t know shit about marijuana genetics, but he does know one thing, man, OG Kush is fuckin’ potent, dude! This shit has some seriously long-lasting psychoactive effects. It sticks with you like when you see the Elephant Man for the first time. And, watch out because…this shit is straight couch-lock city, dude. We’re talkin’ dazed-and-confused-stoney, here, dude. After smokin’ this shit, you’ll answer every question with “HUH?”…your mother-in-law will be a helluva lot more pleasant, you might drool and bill-paying might actually be…we’ll shit, we’re not gonna lie, dude. Fuck paying-bills. (and Coldplay)

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Buzz Length: BOOM! Like a shotgun blast to the fuckin’ face, dude, this shit cones on strong and immediate and lasts forever, man.
Medical Uses: The OG Kush strain is great for treating body aches, insomnia and the PTSD that comes on right after watching FOX News. It’s also great for naseua. We smoked some of this and got the munchies super-quick, dude. We were like instantly famished, like after you drink 8 or 9 espressos, so we ordered a pizza, ate it and part of the delivery guy’s face and luckily, since we had smoked a ton of this shit beforehand, we suffered no indigestion or heart-burn at all.

You know this OG Kush is some super fuckin’ powerful weed…because not only have ignorant politicians increased penalties for using it…it has KUSH in the a name and it ain’t even a KUSH! Obviously some stoned stoner named it, eh? Like we said, OG Kush is about as popular in Southern California as fake boobs and sunshine and it’s definitely one of the most sought-after strains in the world, so much so that’s it’s taken on this almost mythical-like qualities.

We raised ours from clones; they took about 10 weeks to finish and were sooo well worth the wait. If you see this shit at your local dispensary do not pass it up, dude or you’ll be sorry.

OG Kush Strain

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