Oregon Mom: Save the Children, Legalize Marijuana

o-HAPPY-KIDS-facebookSave the children! Save the children!

By: Nessa Stonelli

This November vote yes on Oregon’s Measure 91 to legalize the use of recreational marijuana for adults 21-and over. Let’s legalize the use of marijuana for adults in our state so the children don’t grow up in a prohibition-based, directionally backward society like we grew up in. Marijuana prohibition doesn’t work and actually harms the children.

I love my child more than life itself. I don’t want her to grow up and ever use drugs or alcohol. Is this realistic? Not really. Is it realistic that she could reach adulthood and behave responsibly? Yes.IMG_3960 666

I don’t want my child to be curious about cannabis and have that curiosity lead her to interact with an illegal drug dealer. Maybe she will order a drink of legal wine or beer when she is over 21. What if she wants to experience the relaxation, inspiration or relief that marijuana can offer. If I do my job right, she won’t try anything until she is an adult. Call me naïve, but my friends who are products of exceptional parenting didn’t drink in high school, so I know this isn’t mythology. Maybe she won’t be interested in either cannabis or alcohol. With my yes vote, I can help ensure that as an adult she will not be committing a crime or participating in a black market.

I only have control over today. Today I can be a good parent, pay attention to her and raise her with the values I believe are the most important.

Nessa Stonelli is a pro-pot mother and wife in Portland, Oregon. Have something nice you want to say about weed? Contact us at stuff(at)stuffstonerslike.com

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  1. Nicole Mendoza

    Weed is not a drug, its a plant. Weed should be legal.

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