Oregon Recreational Marijuana Sales Start Oct. 1

oregon recreational weedRecreational weed will be legal in Oregon starting Wednesday, July 1st. But there won’t be any place to buy it. Luckily, however, new legislation has just been enacted that’ll allow adults to get it sooner than expected. Apparently the Oregon Legislature’s joint committee on marijuana (no pun intended) amended a bill this morning so that anyone over 21 can buy up to a quarter-ounce of weed at a medical dispensary starting the first of October.

“I want a legal outlet for people to exercise their legal right,” Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day), says. “If you don’t have places to buy, that’s an incentive to use the black market. None of this is rocket science.”

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s original plan scheduled recreational pot stores to open in the fall of 2016. However, Senator Ferrioli fought to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell weed to adults starting the day pot becomes legal in Oregon—July 1. Anyhow the legislation now heads to votes in the full Senate and House.

How much weed can you possess in Oregon
Here’s how much weed can you possess in Oregon

Oh and in case you’re wondering how much weed you can possess in Oregon after its legal the Portland Police Bureau issued a visual aid—using donuts. No, we’re not kidding. Those are actual voodoo doll donuts depicted near piles of pot—legal for an individual and a household as well as how much weed would get ya busted.

According to KTVU Fox 12 the release also had other tips, including reminders about smoke pot in public. There was also a reminder that bringing weed across state lines from Washington is illegal.

What’s really awesome, though, is that because weed’s no longer a law enforcement issue in Oregon the Portland Police Bureau have asked Oregon weed haters who see people getting stoned in public not call to 911 (unless it’s an emergency of course) and that if they don’t dig pot smoke wafting into their yards they’ll have to discuss the issue with the neighbors their damned selves.

Congratulations Oregon. We’re stoked for ya.

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