STONERS Like the Family Feud

stoners like the family feud
The STONED look on Steve Harvey’s Face says it all.

Name something that gets passed around? Sure, our first answer would be “your mom”, but check out what this dude says.

4 Responses to “STONERS Like the Family Feud”

  1. Will Stevens

    The fact that a joint beat out the collection plate just proves that people in america believe that cannabis should be legalized.

  2. Dispensary Reviews

    Well played indeed by the Family Feud contestant.

  3. bulldoghero

    Did you see how disgusted the host was with the guy who said joint. The way he looked and pulled away from him like he was a murderer? If there is a heaven it is full of bud, if there is a hell none there grows at all. Go green, smoke screen!

  4. fitbit charge

    I upgraded to Cost HR just a few weeks back from my One (which helped me lose nearly 20 kilos) and I’m very happy to date.

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