Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer ReviewPax Vaporizer Review

The newly released Pax Ploom vape pen, the second in the company’s line of sleek, futuristic vaporizers is stuff stoners like. Their new Pax vaporizer looks like something you’d see on the deck of the Starship Enterprise. Or maybe at your local Apple store. Either way this new Pax by Ploom vape pen isn’t just fun to say, it looks nothing like pot paraphernalia and everything like technology—it’s small, sleek, shrouded in brushed aluminum and equipped with a single soft-glowing indicator light, no external buttons and barely any branding. Is this the best vape pen we’ve tested? We’ll get to that.


The Ploom Pax 2 is a redesign of the original Pax vaporizer—designed for use with flowers. Fortunately the updated Pax vape pen has a nice sized chamber, affectionately called an oven, to house ‘em. The chamber’s cover is held in place by magnets. This in itself if really a brilliant design, there’s no latch to break, no screws to lose and the bottom of the vape pen is completely flat. A slight push on the bottom of the device is all it takes to make the cap pivot enough where you can remove it and drop in some herb.

This new Pax ploom dry herb vaporizer has three settings; low, medium and high. They’re accessed by removing the top of the mouthpiece. This is the only button on the entire vaporizer pen. Turn on the device by pushing the top—the mouthpiece will rise up automatically and it’s ready to go in about 30 seconds.

Pax by Ploom
With the Pax by Ploom (Pax Vaporizer) we were able to get about five hits off of a freshly packed chamber

Once packed nice and tight the Pax vapor pen will produce a nice amount of vapor without really burning the weed. PAX says their new weed vaporizer does not heat herbs to combustion so there’s no smoke or secondhand smoke. The vapor tasted pure and clean. We were able to get about five really good hits off of a freshly packed chamber. And after using the device for a bit it really didn’t heat up much.

At $279 The second version of the Pax Ploom vape pen is pretty expensive, but if you’re into sleek gadgets and smoking, erh uhm, vaporizing weed—especially on the sly—this dry herb vaporizer’stotally worth it.

Visit for more information on the new Pax by Ploom vape pen.

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