PayPal Freezes StuffStonersLike Account After Criticizing Its Founder

logo-paypalPayPal Freezes StuffStonersLike Account After Criticizing Its Founder

We published an article earlier this morning explaining PayPal’s hypocrisy. The company has been hostile towards marijuana-based businesses—enforcing their own draconian marijuana rules, shutting down accounts associated with pot and freezing their assets with impunity. And now that it’s founder has silently crushed the competition he’s ready to sweep in with his big money and take over.

Nearly five hours after criticizing PayPal and it’s hypocritical CEO we received a letter saying we violated their Acceptable Use Policy (again) regarding the sale of our STUFF STONERS LIKE ROLLING PAPERS in our Big Cartel store. And before we could begin selling them, PayPal effectively forced us to shut it down today. Our store made no mention of PayPal and how they discovered a violation of their policy is beyond us, but this is definitely no coincidence.

Last year PayPal froze our account claiming we were violating their Acceptable Use Policy even though we weren’t selling “narcotics, steroids, controlled substances or drug paraphernalia” on our website. We were selling POSTERS. However, PayPal claims that “promotes the use of illegal drugs,” so the popular online payment service banned us from using their services on our site and then continued to keep our money until we removed all mention of PayPal from our


3 Responses to “PayPal Freezes StuffStonersLike Account After Criticizing Its Founder”

  1. The Kushisms

    What a bunch of crap. No more paypal for us!

  2. Web Guru

    They don’t call them the paypal mafia for nothing. They have been bullying marijuana users for a decade, freezing NORML’s donation account and allowing some sites to continue while freezing others. Now the founder of paypal is investing heavily in legal marijuana. Good luck chump, I hope you lose a lot of money playing proxy pot dealer.

  3. Auction Essistance

    They pretty much did the same thing to our account after we called them out for what they done to our client’s accounts. Bunch of BS that they do.

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