Peaches and Cream Breakfast Joint

Peaches and Cream Breakfast JointIf you’re gonna wake and bake, you might as well do that shit right, right? Juicy Jays makes THE BEST flavored rolling papers…our favorite is marshmallow. But, after you smoke a few hundred marshmallow joints…you sorta get burnt out on ’em. So we’ve been sending STONERS who write in for FREE STICKERS a few marshmallow rolling-papers. Oh and we’ve got a ton of flavors in our li’l stash box that we’re burned out on. Think we sent someone a few Mango papers. We definitely…remember sending off some Cookie-flavored ones, etc. Anyhow, dude, why not send off for some FREE STUFF STONERS LIKE STICKERS and maybe you’ll get a couple FREE flavored rolling-papers, too?

Special Danks, @xogreenhaze for this pic that sorta has a “lonelygirl420” vibe to it, eh?

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