From Star Trek to Snowboarding, Cheech and Chong to Cheetohs, Dabs to Doug Benson the PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE features everything integral to the STONER universe. And it’s now available as a LIMITED-EDITION, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK POSTER! Get one HERE.

What are people saying about it?
We asked the absolutely brilliant stoner comic Ngaio Bealum (element #103) his thoughts about being honored on the poster and guess what he said? “Being on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like is one of the highlights of my career. Almost better than that time I found a bag of weed in a stairwell.” How fucking cool is that, man. As you can imagine, we’re hella stoked! Other key stoner icons included on the PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE have said:

  • “Hey I’m Tommy Chong and I’m Stuff Stoners Like.”—Tommy Chong
  • “I think it’s an honor—to  get that kind of recognition is great.”—Danny Danko
  • “Wha? I’m on The Periodic Table of who?”—Snoop Dogg
  • “Those assholes from that stupid fookin’ weed blog are making up quotes about me again?”—Keith Richards

And believe it or not even the significant others of very significant stoners have sent us quotes, including the Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal’s wife, “He loves the poster AND appreciates being part of it—he’s a science kind of guy.”

What was the genesis of this thing?
Periodic Table of STUFF STONERS LIKE POSTERWell the original PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE went viral. And once we started noticing pics of people wearing t-shirts with it printed on ’em (that we didn’t make) we thought, “dude, maybe we should like try and make some money off this shit too, man.” So we decided to put the table onto paper, hand-screened by the dopest screener in the Bay Area, Monolith Press. They’ve done posters for everyone from the Black Crowes, to High on Fire—so you know it’s HIGH quality.

Who the hell chose all the elements?
Glad you asked, dude. We polled more than 100k stoners via our twitter account and put the table together from the results while we were stoned one day.

How the fuck do you win one?
Easy, dude. Leave a comment below and we’ll pick our favorite at 4:20 on Friday the 19th and mail that stoner a poster. If you live in the USA we’ll cover the shipping. If not, dude, it’s on you…good luck and stay stoned.



  1. 8OhEight

    I bought the last one. This one has new elements AND it glows in the dark??!! Don’t do this to me. Gimme the damn thing. Got a frame n all haha.

  2. Francisco Puente

    Since i get so high and forget what i like, i can look it up on this poster and remember!

  3. Jim

    Stuff Stoners Like, I’m digging it. Hell, if I can’t win it, direct me to where I can buy it.

  4. popps

    Ha ha I’m soooo blazed right now, this would be awesome for Christmas, Merry Christmas one and all

  5. Rhys Saxton

    Stoners always win things, like… quizes, and… camping holidays..

  6. Isabel M

    Would love to have this hanging on my wall.

  7. King Midas

    Things sick hope I win.

  8. Antonio Puente

    This is my kind of poster stoner shit

  9. Curt King

    I was hoping to find this available for purchase but winning one would be much better due to annoying holiday poverty.

  10. Nate Dawg

    ayyyy, posters dope af and would be fucking awesome to have next to my bong

  11. Holyjunkie

    I love stuffs that glow…

  12. casey

    this would be so legit

  13. Walter Evans

    Would love to win this. Pick me before I forget I entered!

  14. Christian Moreno

    It’s like they read my mind. Great stoners think alike.

  15. Maire

    So I saw this on twitter and I went to go enter to win the poster so I saw right under it get one her or get it now or some shit so I clicked on it then said the prices so I started typing in my info when I realized I’m not getting a free poster so I finally found the contest way down here on the bottom of the page and now I’m here anyways ide really like that poster it be dope in my room and I’m positive it be seen and laughed at I saw like so many of my favriot things in there you forgot animals all stoners love furry animals

  16. theGanjedi

    I heard you on the SJ Show today man. WINNING! This shit looks so rad. I’d be all, like, studying it and shit. I might makes notes in the margins too; like to add shit I think of later, and then I’ll draw them in with white-out to make it look all official and stuff. It’ll be so awesome. I’m gonna go right now and tear down some shit off my wall so I have room to put this bitch when it shows up in my mailbox. But my mailbox isn’t huge so make sure you fold it up a lot. And put it in a envelope. Like a regular one. Not a funky one. I don’t like getting funky ones, they freak me out and I think it’s N Korea trying to make me cancel all my movies. Bastards.

  17. joseph

    Hi I hope I win. Thanks!

  18. Maire

    Uhh I want this so bad I forgot when the raffle was so I went back on to check it out I took a while to find wheere I got it from cause I forgot buut it’s really soon I can’t wait to show evreybody the new addition to myself if I get it there all going to be asking how and where I got it I just wanna take dabs and read it to evreyone haha

  19. Keli

    This is awesome!! Never thought I would want a periodic table poster, but this one I would would be rockin it on my wall!!!

  20. spliffKINGG

    These elements compose that of a stoner. All of these elements are found naturally occurring in stoners and if used correctly will get you high as fuck.

    Science Bitch!

  21. Grellopop

    Oh lease lemme win. I’ll never be whole without it.

  22. James Cooper

    wait what? Is it free dude?

  23. Peter Goodreau

    I fkn Love Science!! C02,H20,Ch4,Br,Fe

  24. chris

    Let me win a early gift.

  25. Jordyn

    I LOVE it!! Please please pick me this poster is the shit…

  26. David Banks

    I am a science major in college and this would look so pimp next to the actual elements table in my classroom. My professor says I can post it up! After all, weed is legal here in Washington! Cheers and happy smoking friends!

  27. David Banks

    If I don’t win I’d like to buy a poster if possible.

  28. haris

    Kicking back eating a bag of jalapeno Munchies for lunch when I see this article:

    A choir of chiefed out angels vocalizing a jungle influenced hymn of the glory of the internet and all it stands for. I love you guys for this poster, regardless if I win one, that magnanimous piece of artwork will be in my possession. I swear by the powers vested in meby the great Cheeba Gods!

    Stay lit you baked fucks. (:

  29. Stephen

    I’ve been looking to get one, but glow in the dark?! Everyone knows that stuff stoners like include glow in the dark stuff. I’m a science nerd and graduate so this hits a nice spot for me.
    Stay high (but productive) and happy holidays to everyone!

  30. lyder

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    Very useful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much.
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