Stoners Like Pink Floyd

stoners like pink floydYou don’t need weed to enjoy Pink Floyd. You need Pink Floyd to enjoy weed. Of course, stoners like Pink Floyd, man…it’s mandatory! Hell, we love Pink Floyd so much we’ve incorporated it into our motto: STUFF STONERS LIKE…the best thing to happen to WEED since Pink Floyd.

pink floyd is stuff stoners like
You don’t need weed to enjoy Pink Floyd. You need Pink Floyd to enjoy weed.

Why is it mandatory? Well, because Pink Floyd have created the perfect soundtrack for stoner sessions many times over and over already. Dude, who hasn’t smoked a bowl and synched the Dark Side of the Moon with the Wizard of Oz? Some of that shit ain’t no coincidence, man. When Money comes on and Dorothy opens the door and everything turns all color…whoa…that’s some freaky shit, bro. Weed only heightens that experience. And besides, who hasn’t divided up a quarter of weed on the cover of The Wall?

19 Responses to “Stoners Like Pink Floyd”

  1. smgrobe

    right on!

  2. СЕО

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  3. wat12

    true that..but those arent the only albums More ,Relics, and Ummagumma are preety good Pink Floyd albums to when your high their just so underated you know..=)

  4. Courtney

    ohhhh how true.

    pink floyd + mary jane = love.

  5. reoweedwgn

    Thanks for all the great support, man. I love your blog by the way!!

  6. Baschive

    Pink Floyd is up there for my favorite bands, i grew up to listening top them, but Metallica will always be my favorite

  7. Ryan C

    you should check out The Boxing Lesson from Austin,TX….. vibe is all pink floyd and brian eno synths.

  8. Baschive

    im gonna hav to check it out

  9. philip

    long live pink floyd
    long live psychedelic drugs

  10. Baschive

    Amen to that Philip

  11. Mesila

    Reminiscing big time to my years at high school. My first boyfriend introduced me to Pink Floyd first, and about a year later, weed. He used to carry this huge 1978 hi-fi on his back that he’d goofed with and made it into a real portable stereo that was LOUD. In that time, they didn’t have ghetto-blasters yet. I remember how we’d got ourselves in a pattern of ALWAYS fooling around to Floyd music, It got to the point where we started using a coded language based on the names of Pink Floyd albums and songs. We did it so when my meddling parents were listening to us, we could talk about sex without them knowing. If you use your imagination, I will bet you can figure out some of the words. “Empty Spaces”, “Young Lust”, “Ummagumma”…LOL….We called the male organ a Prism and the female one the Crazy Diamond.

    I wonder what ever happened to this guy…I heard he joined the Navy and went straight. I kind of figured he would do something like that, it was sort of why I broke it off once I started going to Berkeley and living at a commune.

  12. kyle

    you gotta listen to the early shit with syd barrett on lead guitarand vocals, its fuckin carzy

  13. ben

    piper at the gates of dawn and saucerful of secrets are the syd barrett ones. obscured by clouds is a good one too. also the dvd live in pompeii directors cut is so cool you must see it

  14. Jerome Disney

    Try some original music by a Pink Floyd addict


  15. cannabinero

    SO TRUE!! got addmit, right at the point!!

  16. Thor

    Dude! Getting high and listening to Fearless (form the album Medldle) is unlike anything on this planet!

  17. admin


  18. Ira Thurby-Wright

    I went through two vinyl copies of DSOTM (until I discovered cassette tapes), and comparing my drug induced experiences listening with my drug free experiences, I must admit I like Pink Floyd better now. Of course, now I listen to a digitally re-mastered CD, but that’s not the point.

  19. Ira Thurby-Wright

    they didn’t have ghetto-blasters yet

    I had one…

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