Platinum Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack

Platinum Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack marijuana was named by Snoop Dogg. He allegedly created the much-maligned name, Green Crack, because he noticed that when people smoked it they always wanted more—no matter how stoned they got. This Platinum Green Crack weed looks, smells and taste amazing. I scored it from True Compassion Collective in Sacramento. When it comes to Green Crack genetics I hear there’s some Blue Dream (or maybe Snoop’s Blue Dream for that matter) thrown into the mix. Next to Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies this Sativa dominant Green Crack strain is one of my all time favorites. Adding the word Platinum to Green Crack only makes it that much better.

Strain name: Platinum Green Crack
REVIEW BY: @ShaneBStone
Score: 8.5/10
From: True Compassion Collective located at
135 Main Ave. Sacramento, CA 95834 in the Natomas  Phone number 916-254-3287
Type: Hybrid Sativa Dominant
Green Crack Genetics: Blue Dream x Green Crack
Price: $10/gram

Green Crack Weed is SSL

Appearance: This sample of the Green Crack strain has is light green with soft orange hairs covered in a frosty layer of THC. The grower did a real nice trim job getting all the leaves. Buds are dense and cling to the stem. Almost a shame to smoke.
Smell: Open the bag of this eye-catching Green Crack and immediately you get a fruity whiff. It’s a orange tangerine smell think on the nectarine peach side mixed with the softness of a blanket.
Flavor: The Green Crack strain tastes like it smells, a fruity smoke that’s a little rough going into the lungs, definitely some nice lung expansion on this one.

Marijuana Strain Called Platinum Green Crack from True Compassion Collective
The Green Crack Strain is Definitely SSL

High: The high from the Green Crack weed I sampled definitely started hitting after about my 3rd bowl. Green Crack comes on strong in the body. I was taking bong rips watching the Dave Chappelle show. I noticed I really just did not want to get up for anything and my body unknowingly went from an upright position to it trying to form itself with the couch. Six or seven more bowls of Green Crack weed and I found myself upstairs not totally remembering when I got up or exactly how I got there. I noticed that this Green Crack was easy going. After smoking it I laugh a lot. When you smoke Green Crack you feel it in your head. It’s one of those strains that deliver an everything’s good type high.
Buzz Length: 45min or so into the Green Crack sesh, this is when I could start to feel it all in my head, everything suddenly was a lot funnier, sentences became harder to work out and all was well. A good buzz kept strong for about another 2hrs, which then led to me needing another bowl, to recharge my batteries!
Medical Uses: The Green Crack strain is a real good one for pain relief. If you have any sort of back pain/joint pain Green Crack marijuana is the strain for you. Also Sativa lovers, if your looking more to have that boost instead of the couch lock indica, Green Crack will be a good one. Just make sure you take a few tokes right before your intended activity and good ol’ Green Crack strain will give ya that boost you need along with a good creative flow. Also Green Crack is great for keeping me up during late night studio sessions!

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  1. Lilbuzz101

    Great Outdoor sativa high. Only paid 65.00 for 7grams (Quad. Oz.) . Definitely could pass as some AA++ indoor quality. Delivery was super duper fast. Email:

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