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Portable Charger_Jackery-Giant-S-6Vape Pen Runs Outta Juice—Portable Charger FTW

Today Mat Lee’s here to review something that isn’t weed, or really stoner paraphernalia at all. Until you make it such. What’s worse than being at your favorite festival or concert, or work even, and you go to sneak a rip off your vuber atlas or whatever vape pen you happen to be using… and the light blinks. If you vape cartridges and dabs on dual coil titanium ceramic stoner goodness on the daily like he does, you’re absolutely going to need a cool little Jackery portable charger, he claims. Mat, show tell us what’s inside…

Unlike the older Jackery portable charger, which I’ve previously reviewed this tech is all updated, new and improved. My latest daily driver as far as phones go, is the Nexus 6, which has Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 2.0 technology in it so you can get more juice, a lot quicker. The bummer is that this only works if you have the special Motorola Turbocharger.

Other phones and devices take advantage of this technology as well, but call it other things. I think HTC calls it rapid charging, and Samsung calls it fast charging. Anyway, my point is, if you are a stoner on the go and you have one of these devices that takes advantage of this cool QC technology, you’re going to love how fast the Jackery Giant S charges your device.

My Nexus 6 has a 3220 mAh battery. The Jackery Giant S is a 12,000 mAh portable charging powerhouse ready to keep not only your phones and tablets charged, but also your vapes and e-cigs. With the QC tech, and a decent USB cable, I can get my phone back to fully charged from 20% battery life in just a tad over an hour.

Portable Charger_Jackery-Giant-S-6
When your vape pen runs outta juice on the go—portable charger FTW

A portable charger that’s SSL

On the box the Giant S portable charger boasts up to 260 hours of operation time. Granted in all the times I’ve used it I’ve never had it go completely empty on me, but that’s my use case. I’m a charge it every night kind of guy. The other cool thing is that the portable charger itself is USB C and supports 5 volt 3 amp fast charging. For any of you who have the 10,000 or 20,000 mAh bricks, I’m sure you can appreciate having something that charges itself up a bit faster. This definitely does that.

The downside to this is that you need to supply your own cable, unless the device you want to charge supports USB C. Nothing I own does, except for the charger. So I’m always sure to pack an extra cable or two in there. I prefer these cool nylon braided cables on Amazon.

The charger weighs 9.7 ounces and fits great in my backpack or my girlfriends bag when we’re out and about. I also like using these rather than plugging my phone into the ciggy charger in my car. For some reason the aux cable it’s plugged into does a weird feedback loop and I get a hum when my phone is charging and playing music. But not when I have it plugged into the Jackery charger box. Very handy indeed.

For the stoner on the go, I highly recommend picking up a Jackery Giant S portable charger or other fine Jackery charging products. They make stuff stoners like for sure.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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