Pot-Stuffed Teddy Bear Confiscated at CA Toy Store

Your friends, your family, or the police…who would you phone up first if the mail came and in it…you we treated to a “hard and crinkly”, 2-foot-tall, blue teddy bear stuffed with WEED?

Of course you’d smoke it all yourself and not tell a soul, but you’re not an idiot named Joshua Vecchione who owns a toy store in southern California called Toy Town.

Sure, Toy Town sounds all fun and shit, right? Trust us, it ain’t. You see, the Tuesday before Christmas, Vecchione gets this weed-filled teddy bear in the mail. Most would rejoice but this dude immediately phoned up the Orange County Sheriff’s Department who then promptly confiscated the weed (to smoke themselves, of course). The package was addressed to some dude who’s totally bummed out in Colorado and mailed from Thousand Oaks with a dummy return address…Toy Town. Somehow the folks who sent the package knew there was a total dumb-ass at that dummy address…

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