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Power Pen Vaporizer Giveaway

Why do stoners like vaporizers? Because they’re pretty fuckin’ stealthy, man. And getting stoned without detection is definitely stuff stoners like. When you hit a vape pen there’s no smell involved. That means you can get stoned in places like the bathroom at work, your mother-in-laws house, the cereal isle at the grocery store—and nobody knows what the fuck you’re doing.

Unlike sparking a bowl at the gas station, you can hit this vaporizer while filling up your car and not explode. That’s because there’s no combustion. And where there’s no combustion there’s no carcinogens. That means your lungs will thank you.

power penThe Power Pen vaporizer includes:
1 pc. Power Pen Lithium Ion Battery (Black)
1 pc. Power Pen Mouthpiece
1 pc. Power Pen Atomizer Base (Gold ring)
1 pc. Power Pen Atomizer Tip (Gold funnel)
1 pc. Power Pen Wall Adapter
1 pc. Power Pen Wired micro USB Charger
1 pc. Power Pen User Manual
1pc. Power Pen Clear Atomizer Tip (E-Liquids/Hookah)
1pc. Power Pen Extra Silver “nail” Tip
1pc. Power Pen Tool

The pen features a unique two-piece atomize making it very compact—just over 4 inches in size.
It’s got a blue LED back-lit power button that turns the pen on and off after 5 clicks—ideal for those who like to carry their pens in a pocket so it doesn’t accidentally go off.

This vape pen works with just about any type of concentrate from wax, to budder, to shatter. Highly refined solventless concentrates work even better and taste even more awesome in it. Plus packin’ the Power Pen is really simple. In fact, packing this thing is so simple we did it in the dark countless times—at gigs, in grow rooms during the dark cycle, etc. Want one? Yer in luck because we’re kickin’ one down.

How do you win?

Just leave a comment below and we’ll pick our favorite. Contest ends December 5th at 4:20 PST. We’ll cover shipping if you live in the US. If you live outside the US, shipping is on you, dude.

85 Responses to “Power Pen Giveaway”

  1. Justin

    Would love one of these!

  2. Rev. Dr. B.C. Snider

    I’m a disabled vet with a NV/ASD 6-yr-old boy on a budget. Winning something I could never afford would be a refreshing change of pace.

  3. Devan Phil

    i wanna with that pen yo

  4. Colin reap

    yo your tumblr and Twitter make my day it would be awesome if you picked me

  5. Horror Vee

    i need this so sarah silverman and i can go to the grammys lifted.

  6. steven

    Awesome idea! Would love one! Medical Marijuana Advocate from Canada 🙂

  7. Seven

    It’s my b-day today. This would be an amazing gift since I found out that combusting my medicine is causing my lungs harm. Need to switch to vamping.

  8. Brittney

    I suffer from celiac disease and would love one of these for medicating during work, at my mothers house, etc.

  9. Eddie

    Follow your tumblr and love it! Keep up the good work guys hope I win this 🙂

  10. Kristy Rogers

    It would be cool to win mainly because….well, I never win shit! And my birthday is coming up and because I just wanna try one of these!! I live in OK so legal is a LOOOONG way from becoming a reality.

  11. Jennifer Jugs

    I will clean your toilets for a year to win this bad boy.

  12. Page Campaign

    I would love this because my pax just got stolen from me and I’m a broke bitch.

  13. Matthew

    Smoking on a vaporizer would be a blast. I would make put that vaporizer to good use, and smoke out of it everyday.

  14. Diamond

    Man I’d love one of these. Would totally rep the Power Pen brand anywhere if I won, believe that.

  15. mole

    Don’t hide it ÷ it!

  16. Melissa

    It would be really nice to have one of these, as a stoner with out a large income and no personal pieces of my own to use it would not only be incredibly useful and highly used it would be greatly appreciated. Peace and love to all the stoners out there.

  17. Michael Myrie

    Yo i wanna get high, hook it up.

  18. Jaquira

    I would love one of these, try something new

  19. QchetQ

    Im a stoner, your a stoner. I like vapes, you like vapes. I dont have a vape, your giving one away. Would you do me the honor of picking me as the stoner whom recieves this gift. I love you?

  20. Matt

    99 problems all gone in that one vape. Would love to have a discrete way to hit concentrates!

  21. andy

    Id like to give it to my bf for christmas

  22. Robin

    i would love to have one of these. This would be the best Christmas gift

  23. Jesse L. Norrod

    I feel you should choose me cuz my name is Jesse fuckin Norrod. You haven’t heard of me? That’s your loss, lol email me and I will give you some extreme knowledge. Lol

  24. Fatima Trujillo

    Smoke all day! Stay high

  25. Fatima Trujillo

    Smoke all day! Stay high

  26. Jameson

    would love this!

  27. Monica

    20 year old , recently laid off, decided to go back to college instead of sitting around letting life pass by! Tired of dirty fingers…Would love one of these to prove you can be a stoner and manage to keep shit together!! Marijuana for cure ✌️ Pick me!

  28. Geanelly Medina

    Not because I want it …. Just because I need it!!!!!!

  29. Santiago Hinojosa

    Im one of those stoners who prefers to smoke without the without the carcinogens. Pick me ✌️

  30. Santiago Hinojosa

    Im one of those stoners who prefers to smoke without the carcinogens. Pick me!✌️

  31. Diane Christiana

    I need one of these I’m getting older and my lungs are getting tired

  32. Breyun

    Okay so the fact that Ive never met anyone that has one a internet contest nor have I won one myself makes me believe that 85% of the contest are fucking bullshit and the other 15% usually don’t even read or look over the contest criteria for the winner they just pic some shit. I wonder how real this one is??

  33. Patrick

    Awesome set, I’d love to have this to help me radiate positivity #sharethelove

  34. Jason

    Power pen, the stuff stoners like.

  35. Rick

    Got too stoned on a road trip to Boston and couldn’t find my last gpen…stopped at a gas station and it happened to be on my lap..but I didn’t know until after I got out of the car and it shattered on the ground.. these things are the bees knees

  36. Barry White

    We can embrace love
    It’s not to late
    Why do we sleep
    Instead with hate?

    Puff and Share

  37. Zach

    This is the coolest of a comment you’re gonna get as a matter of fact it’s ice cold: http://geniusbeauty.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/1-3.jpg

  38. Nettie

    Give your pot the power it needs with a Power Pen / power up your pot with a Power Pen 🙂

  39. Omegv Shenron

    I just came to the realization that Stuff Stoners Like…is Stuff Stoners Like…Trippy… *passes blunt*…lol

  40. Jordan riehm

    Love your guys stuff I don’t care if I win as long as you keep up the good work and make your fans happy 🙂

  41. oscar miranda

    Panama is waiting for one of those pens!!! 420 allday is the way!!!!!

  42. Sandi Bunce

    You can smoke weed out of these ? I am so old school I am still smoiking joints. I gotta try this !

  43. CarolineCentral

    This is a stoner dream come true for the asthmatic smoker! Most definitely stuff this stoner will like!

  44. Mehrey Jayne

    That part about getting high in the bathroom at work part? It’s funny ’cause it’s true. Please hook a fellow stoner in need of some medicated stress relief up! Love, Mehrey 🙂 @highponderings

  45. C. Marie

    I want to win this for my kick ass bud enthusiast Mom who beat two types of cancer but has severe nerve damage in her feet for the rest of her life. Would love to surprise her with this awesome pen.

  46. Mary Janel

    Dude; Sweet!

  47. Stacy D

    Such a great deal!

  48. Lexi

    I follow you on tumblr & like helluh shit on your page..you make me laugh like everyday. I would love to win, I have never won anything in the 18 years of my life aha

  49. Bri


  50. Chey

    This would be so amazing

  51. Austin

    need that pen yo

  52. Abby Attaway

    Ima 7 month old dobbie,my mom needs this,she’s having health problems ,and lives in a non legal state,hook her up.I love my mom.

  53. Eileen Hill

    I really would love to have a power pen.

  54. Teresa Page

    This babyboomer sure would like to win this so She can hip other babyboomers to vape pens.

  55. Cas

    For starters, you guys constantly keep me entertained and always give me new, great ideas on spicing up the average smoke sesh and I’m really appreciative of the positivity (and lack of ads) on the stuff stoners like account. I would love this vape because I’ve been unable to smoke blunts/papers because of my asthma(the paper and tobacco is way too harsh on my lungs and I have to use an inhaler nearly every time :/ ) and I can’t exactly carry a pipe or bong around at all times. XP this would be a lovely gift to myself for Christmas as I didn’t plan any self-gifting into my budget- I’d rather just buy my friends some awesome stuff. This pen is so convenient and of sleek design. As soon as I saw it, it was stoner love at first sight. <3

  56. Kat Siegel

    If the whole world smoked a joint at the same time, there would be world peace for at least two hours… Followed by a global food shortage.

  57. hartsoe420

    How much wood could a woodchuck smoke if he had this power pen?

  58. RhymingOverBeats

    A nice vape would be sooooo good this holiday season…til I get one I guess Abba Zabba is my only friend. haha Good luck everyone!

  59. Kai Kusher

    What do you call, one bowl between 3 stoners?
    Malnutrition. Badum Tss.

  60. Jim

    I NEED one of these! And I mean literally need this (not the new version of “literally” which includes the definition of “figuratively”… *shakes fist at Oxford*).

    Why? Because my wife is literally wasting weed with combustion. If I get this I can not only be a Canadian advocate of Medical Marijuana, but I can also herald the praises of vaping (I mean, I already do for my esmoke which got me to quit smoking… but now we can do it as a family lol). And my wife doesn’t smoke because she has *wink wink*-anxiety… she has doctor diagnosed crippling panic attacks. So like you mentioned, she can relieve the stress in the bathroom at work when clients are assholes, at my mother-in-laws house when she is an asshole, or even at the grocery store when, you guessed it, she runs into assholes.

    So send this Canadian a wonderful gift for his wife and I’ll happily pay the shipping, dudes.

  61. Eli

    Bruh if i get one of these imma smoke in the bathroom , the cafeteria , restuarants , in class and get baked and never get caught man been caught too many times smokin up the place

  62. Jezebelle

    i would be blessed to be able to get faded out of this pp (: if it is meant to be it will be

  63. partyatjoez

    it’s finals week. im sitting in my car – between classes – toking up before my next class. school makes me a stoner — & im not complainin’ bout it.
    i’d adore this.

  64. ibby

    Wow that’s pretty cool id love to win but one must let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

  65. HighHarry

    Broke college student in need.

  66. andy skye

    Watch out now, take care
    Beware of greedy leaders
    They take you where you should not go
    While Weeping Atlas Cedars
    They just want to grow, grow and grow

  67. Jim

    This shit is the shiznittle bam snip snap snap! Please, pick me, I am super poor, and having this would make my holiday awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  68. Michael

    looka like it’s time to get in the pen game

  69. Jolie

    Fuck my ever-loving heart. I was going to say something witty and quippy but now I hope you give it to Cas because they seem genuine and I want them to be able to smoke this Christmas. The damage to my lungs is reversible and I have enough toys already. The gift of smoke, bros.

  70. Missy

    I’ve been wanting one of these since a friend brought one over to try. Amazeballs! Made me feel a buzz I haven’t felt since high school, and that was a long time ago.

  71. Mr Omneo

    I love my ‘erb vape but my New year Resolution is to get on to concentrates or get a girlfriend. Winning this vape would help prevent me spending another year feeling I’ve failed miserably at yet another NY resolution.

  72. Nicole

    This is not only a great way to medicate or just use for recreational use but its also a great alternative to smoking nasty Cigarettes. I convinced a family member to drop the pack and pick up a Vap and now they’ve been tobacco free for over a year. I gotta get a quality Vap for myself now. Maybe “Santa” might hook me up, Happy Holidays to all at Stuff Stoners Like and those at Power Pen!! #VapOn =)

  73. Jennie

    I need this so bad!!! Between scoliosis and two step kids???? Undetectable smoking would be a life saver!!!!

  74. Randall

    I’m a college student cramming for exams. Winning this would take my winter break to new heights ;). Happy holidays SSL!

  75. brandy

    This would help me allot because I’m disabled and now that it’s cold outside I can’t go out side tip smoke very often this would really help me out

  76. Angel

    Really hope I win, never had the chance of purchasing or even using a vape.

  77. Patrick Badders

    You guys are amazing. I read something new every week. I’d love to win, but regardless I’m still just so happy you guys EXIST. I love learning new info about weed every day! The site is informative and perfect and so many of my friends have been introduced to StuffStonersLike from me. 🙂 I’ll be following you guys till the end. Happy toking everyone. Love from FL.

  78. Wesley Rawls

    Yo, if I got one of these I would probably dig to the center of the earth and hot box it

  79. Linda

    I won’t sit and glower when at the appointed hour I win a beautiful new Power Pen!

  80. daltonhoskins

    That’d be hella tight to cop this always hoping/looking for new ways to smoke #powerpen

  81. Marcy

    I’m a Carney so smoking undetected in my bunk is a must. It’s end of season so not many spots,so we gota really buckle down on spending. Winning a Vale pen would really help me out. Man that would be Sweet!

  82. Stoner Stuff


  83. Rev. Dr. B.C. Snider

    NO EFFING WAY!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY??? I love you guys, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!! I thank you, my wife thanks you, my kids thank you, & all my wildlife thanks you!!! Seriously, Thank You. HAVE A BLESSED FESTIVUS EVERYONE!!!

  84. luis

    I would love one has unique design and I have tried many but still looking would look into buying one.

  85. Ashley styles

    I’ve been trying a normal vype pen but leeks into mouth and that I’ve always wanted one I could put weed in so no one wud no I was smoking it this product sounds ace

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