Power Pen Stealth Review

power pen stealthPower Pen Stealth Review

By: Mat Lee

The Power Pen Stealth is a chill little 510 (round) style vape pen, and if you get their vape starter kit, it comes with everything you need to vape damn near any kind of material you can throw at it. There’s an e-liquid cartridge aptly named the “Clearomizer”—a wax spiral coil, and a dry herb tip—transforming it into a dry herb vaporizer.

I’ll tell you first off, some friends and I gave the dry herb tip a try, taking care not to overload it, or get any thick pieces of herb in there. No matter how careful you are, stems always find their way into a joint. I was extra careful with this, so there was just good smokable material in there. I’ve never had very good luck vaping dry herb in a vape pen, and this was no different. They just aren’t quite there yet. That being said, you aren’t getting one of these vape pens to smoke weed out of right? Of course not. It’s for erls, so let’s take a look.

power pen stealthI had some access to what I would consider the most ideal material for the Clearomizer aka the liquid atomizer. It’s gold, and it tastes like Tangie. Before this I’ve been solely using a normal run of the mill non branded 510 pull to activate battery. More recently I picked up an EVOD push button battery. I really only dig this on wickless cartridges, as the hotter temps tend to leave a burnt wick taste. The Power Pen Stealth vaporizer pen delivers some fantastic hits, far better than the little pull-throughs, and even slightly surpassing my EVOD.

Let’s talk briefly about form factor
For the amount of punch this thing kicks it’s got a pencil like form factor that’s the same size as the Open Vape I first started using. When larger tanks are used its smaller, but when the same type of wickless glass cartridges are used, they are pretty much the same. Of course the glass cart gives the vapor pen a nice top heavy weight.

Power Pen Stealth ReviewCompared to the larger push button EVOD, it’s diameter is much thinner. I’m sure there is some sort of battery life sacrifice, but I believe the way we’ve been trained to charge our cell phones every night, is easily applicable to this if you puff on them that much. So for me, I’d rather have a smaller more comfortable form factor like the Power Pen Stealth vaporizer pen, over a larger battery like the EVOD. Although it does depend on what I’m doing. Sometimes it’s nice to have that extra battery power, like at a festival or something where maybe you can’t always find a convenient charger.

So how is the battery life?
For the average smoker, it seems like you can get about 100 “puffs” for every hundred milliamps of battery. The smaller, disposable wax pen version, the Power Pen disposable vapor pen , comes with a fully charged 200 milliamp battery. They say you should be able to get around 200 to 250 puffs on that. I’ve been puffing on the Wax tip disposable with some normal everyday dark unprocessed BHO, and once the material heats up and melts a little, it rips like a champ.

Power Pen Stealth ReviewAlthough I ended up running out of battery power long before I had assumed I would, and since the piece is disposable, you aren’t able to take the tip and put it on a fresh battery, at least to just get the rest of your material smoked, so be careful when loading this wax pen. I’m guessing it’s because of the higher temperature this particular wax needed, it burned out the battery quicker.

It’s hard to measure in puffs like on the regular e-liquid cartridge, since your taking longer draws. But that’s just a drawback of the disposable Power Pen vaporizer. The Power Pen stealth vape pen has the same attachment, plus the ability to recharge it when the battery dies, so you won’t get left with a cap full of material you have to throw away.

I can see using the disposable vape pen if you find yourself traveling via plane or something to a state where all this beautiful extracted material is available. Maybe where you live it’s not, so you don’t want to invest in a rechargeable one only to throw it away. Get yourself a disposable one, fill it up with whatever goodness you find, blaze your little brains out, then toss it when the trip is over… Or the battery dies.

Power Pen Stealth ReviewIf you live in a state where all this clean golden nectar is flowing like the land of milk and honey or some shit, then I would definitely recommend investing in a Power Pen Stealth wax pen. I say this because personally, I deal in mainly 510. I don’t even have an E-lip battery to try out the other globes SSL sent me. I will soon, but I’m still partial to the 510 style. Probably because it was my first, and they say you always remember your first.

For the 510 lovers out there, if you want a classy elegant looking rechargeable vape pen that offers optional tips for smoking different material, the white and gold Power Pen Stealth vape is a fantastic choice, and definitely Stuff Stoners Like. I mean look at this thing filled with sticky golden perfection, infused with tasty terpenes, and tell me there’s a more classy looking pen on the market. I don’t believe there is.

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For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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