Which Produces Bigger Bud five 400 or two 1000 Watt Lights?

urlWhich Produces Bigger Bud five 400 or two 1000 Watt Lights?

QUESTION: What would be more effective for flowering my marijuana plants, five 400-watt lights or two 1000-watt lights when it comes to quantity and quality of buds?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: Well it usually depends on your style of growing and your plant count—how many plants you want to flower under these things. I mean two 1000s are great for growing between four to eight plants. Those lights put out enough density and enough wattage for each of those plants and it’ll give you a nice spread depending on the kind of reflectors your have. You can even rotate the lights if you want.

If you got five 400s you can shape your footprint by how you hang them. You can hang the lights so they’ll form a square—you can have a few in the front and a few in the back or however you want to do ‘em—but quantity really depends on your plant count. If you got 12 to 15 maybe even 20 plants or something like that you might want to spread those plants out and give them more room to grow. That way the plants are not going to be touching each other and things wont get crowded which could stunt their growth. So in that situation five 400s would be better.

So it’s all about your plant count, but if you want to keep costs down two 1000s would definitely bring you back nice bud—you can do well with a couple of those, you know what I mean.

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