Protect Your Pipe With a MadToto Case

Mad Toto Pipe CaseProtect Your Pipe with MadToto

You finally scored a glass pipe. You christened that new pipe with a fresh bowl, already gave it a cool name like Wesley Pipes or some shit and now you wanna show it off. But you realize that your glass pipe is super vulnerable to breakage. So either you get yourself a stoner roadie to protect your glass or score a Mad Toto Case. We suggest the case. It’s cheaper and a lot easier to use port pipes.

Our buds over at Mad Toto sent over a few cases to test out. One was the Mad Toto tube case. It features a tough fiber shell wrapped in rugged nylon fabric. It seals together with a waterproof zipper and a cool little custom Mad Toto pull. The zipper was a little tough to pull and when we flattened the case it came unhinged, but on the positive side the case if filled with some really heavy duty padding on the top and bottom. Put your best glass pipe in here, secure the elastic strap and your favorite pipe ain’t going nowhere, man. The size of the small tube case is pretty puny measuring 5″ x 2″ x 2″ so it’ll fit in your pocket, backpack, purse, etc. It’ll accommodate a little spoon pipe or chillum, depending on the size. Mad Toto also makes larger cases for bigger glass pipes and even some really big-ass cases to protect your dab rig or some rather large bongs. Or large water pipes as they’d be called at the local tobacco shop.


mad toto stash kitStash your pipe or vape pen

The Mad Toto dudes also kindly sent along a cool little dab or vape pen stash box called the Mad Toto 2.0. Out test unit came in our favorite color—purple weed. Apparently that color option is called the Swinger. It also featured a heavy-duty-Judy, hard-fiber shell to protect your pipe gear. And it’ll accommodates most glass pipes up to 3.5″ or or a small vape pen. It also has a tear resistant, non-slip nylon outer finish. That way it won’t slip outta your hand while you’re on the ski lift or hiking and shit. Plus it has a waterproof zipper so in case you drop it in a puddle or something—your glass pipe or whatever stored inside is cool. Our unit also came with two silicone stash jars and a cool Mad Toto cleaning tool featuring their wild-eyed bunny. Inside the case we also found a sticker with the same cool logo and a carabiner to help ya carry the thing.

Mad Toto glass pipe stash kitWe got to admit that the product packaging and branding on all the Mad Toto cases is absolutely awesome. Definitely stuff stoners like. These dudes also make really dope shirts, hats, even a really rad sleep mask that you should check out—even if you don’t need one.

You can score a large Mad Toto tube case on Amazon for $13 and the Mad Toto 2.0 stash box for only $19 if you like to take your pipes with ya. Check out the rest of their sick gear at or give ’em a shout on FB, IG or Twitter and tell ’em Stuff Stoners Like sent ya.

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    The padding came out and the zipper fob came off are they replaceable?

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