Purple Weed—How Does that Happen?

purple weed

What Makes Marijuana Turn Purple?

QUESTION: I love purple weed. You love purple weed. Who doesn’t love purple weed? But what I don’t understand is what makes marijuana turn purple? I have heard all types of ideas about how to make buds turn purple. Outdoor growers say frost has something to do with it, indoors growers say they force feed them nitrogen and that does the trick. I am growing BLUEBERRY which I’ve heard has purple in it already. Can I enhance the color some how?


purple weedMEL THOMAS: I hear purple weed is really popular in Northern California. But what makes marijuana turn purple? Purple coloring in cannabis plants that have a genetic predisposition toward it is triggered by temperature changes in the fall. The green chlorophyll color usually masks any other colors, but tends to break down late in the season and a pigment known as anthocyanin begins to show through. For purple color to develop a strain must have the genetic potential to produce anthocyanin pigments. However, the purple weed color you’re talking about might never be shown if environmental conditions don’t cause the chlorophyll to breakdown. Kush strains tend to develop purple coloration when subjected to low night temperatures during the end of their life cycles and plants with heavy traits of the Hindu Kush plant, produce some of the darkest tones found in any marijuana strain. Nitrogen will not induce color change, unless you over fertilize and they go crispy brown!


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  1. Strong Meds

    Pakistan Chitral Kush is an awesome purple strain, which is – like you say, just purple already.

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  3. Um...

    Yeah this dude is some expert thanks for enlightening all of us…
    Nitrogen deficiency especially early in the flower will have great purpling effect at the cost of yield.

    Bloombastic works well, especially at max doses, i use purple maxxx for trichomes but dont like it for purpling. Canna boost seems to help a little also.

    Flushing…if you flush for 2-3 weeks girls will go super purple…

    Teperatures obviously…my buddy was getting cut buds to purple doing a slow dry in the refrigerator.

    I have gotten strains like katsu bubba 100% purple when many others are lucky to see any purple with my same cut.

  4. Anonymous

    What strain and breeder is that shown in the second picture? It is beautiful


  5. Anonymous

    My plant turned purple in 90 degree weather i don’t understand why. Also the sucker leaves didn’t form or are deformed?! Any help input or advice?!?!?

  6. Kristen

    My plant turned purple in 90 degree weather and I don’t understand why. Also the sucker leaves didn’t form or are deformed. Any suggestions, input or advice?!

  7. Michelle

    Maybe you had a purple seeds! You had a naturally purple strain..

  8. tesh

    may it an albino weed plant

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