Rasta Bracelet Giveaway

Rasta BraceletSame bracelets save lives. They announce you’re allergic to some shit that doctors might accidentally give you to save your life. And some bracelets—like these little leather and alloy joints sent to us by TrendyBracelets.biz—announce a love for weed. Much cooler than allergy bracelets or hospital patient-identification tags, right? Notice the red, gold and green colors on these Rasta bracelets? You might know that plenty of stoners, not to mention Rastas, rock these colors. When we see these colors together we even smell weed. But what’s the history on these colors and why do stoners and Rastas dig ‘em so much? Rastafari is an Abrahamic religion that started in Jamaica during the 1930s. It stemmed from the coronation of Haile Selassie I as Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930. The Rasta colors red, gold and green are taken from the Ethiopian flag. It’s said that the green stands for the fertile land and lush greenery of the African continent.  But, we like to think that it stands for really good pot. The yellow represents the sunshine of the African land (used to grow really good weed) and the red symbolizes the blood shed by it’s people in defending the country. One reason why stoners identify with these colors is because they encompass the Rastafari way of life. And that lifestyle involves the spiritual use of cannabis of course. What’s not to like about that? Plus stoners dig rockin’ the red, gold and green because like many of the Rastas who wear ‘em, they broadcast a religious devotion and deep appreciation for weed. We have three hand-crafted Rasta bracelets to kick down. One size to fits most men and women. They’re 0.5″ wide and 6 cm in diameter and can be adjusted to anywhere between 15-20 cm. They weight just 12 grams. We’ll also sweeten the pot and toss in a pack of STUFF STONERS LIKE ROLLING PAPERS and STICKERS. HOW TO ENTER:

  1. Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram
  1. Leave a comment below telling us you’ve completed steps 1

We’ll pick 3 random winners at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Aug 30 and mail the prizes to ya. If you live outside the US you’ll have to cover the shipping. Good luck.

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  1. FawnAnn Whitley

    Follow on Twitter. Completed step 1!:))

  2. Gsxr750BLJ

    I’ve completed the steps now let me complete my look with those bracelets

  3. Chels

    Cool, liked yur facebook page and am now following the site on twitter. Just found this site it’s rockin’ ( : -smoke on-

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  6. Mikey A

    I completed step 1 and now 2….step 3.. bowl o’clock 😉

  7. Jason

    I’m always down too win free StuffStonersLike, see what I did there haha. I’m also clad you said Rasta or Rastafari, most people call it “Rastafarism” when in fact the Rasta men and women do not like using “ism” in their vocabulary. Anyways, enough of a history lesson for today haha may the luckiest three stoners win 😀 PEACE!!!!

    P.S. I already follow you guys on Facebook and Instagram so I’m entered.



  9. Rasta Serg'

    Step 1 done! Been following you on twitter for a year now! Would love to be blessed w/a Rasta bracelet if possible, one love✌️

  10. Woozy

    Step One Done!

  11. CIC420

    Liked on FB… Cannabis In The Capital …

  12. Jim Kimes

    Completed Step #1 and hoping for a win

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    All Done. Let’s get it.

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  16. Austin

    I could tag it in my insta photos

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  18. Rona

    I did step 1. I hope I’m picked so I can represent that community. I fucks with #STUFFSTONERSLIKE Gotta <3 it!

  19. Dee Dee

    I’ve completed step 1!

  20. tokeit613

    Done step 1 by following on Twitter. I’m ready for my bracelet 🙂

  21. Harley

    I’ve completed step one.

  22. Billy

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  23. Chris

    Done.! Hope I win!

  24. Matt

    Followed on IG/ step 1 done . hope I win one, very cool

  25. Erin Garcia

    I did all the steps!

  26. dustin

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  27. Kris Starosta

    I’m all good to go. Completed step 1 from above!! 🙂

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  29. Kolby Daum

    I have had those steps finished for a long while! Would be sweet to get this!

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