What is Reclaim?

what is reclaim dabsQuestion: Dear Dabby, What is reclaim or reclaim dabs? I hear it is all that gunky stuff that builds up in my oil rig after using it for a while. Should I just toss this stuff out because it looks gross or can I actually smoke it again.

Dabby: I’m defining reclaim as the oil that accumulates in your dab rig. Usually it’s been contaminated by water contact. Often times isopropyl or ethanol is used to collect it. If you have reclaim that just pours right out of your healthstone with no solvent necessary, then smoke that shit up right now. It may not taste great, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

If your reclaim is floating around, deep inside your rig, you’re going to need to use a solvent to get it back out. Drain out any water, add warm ethanol or isopropanol and cover any openings with plastic wrap. Any reclaim should melt off the walls of your rig. Now you have water tainted, ethanol dissolved reclaim. Using some gentle heat, you can cook out the water and alcohol and melt your reclaim into some butter or olive oil and use it in some food or to butter your toast. I wouldn’t recommend resmoking it unless you’re really hard up.

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2 Responses to “What is Reclaim?”

  1. Tylar

    Actually it’s a really bad idea to have any food with iso in it, drugs or not. Iso is really bad for your digestive tract and will make you really sick. If you use iso to get it out of your rig, be sure to NOT USE WATER, so you can evaporate all the iso FIRST, I use a pyrex dish, then either use that dish for making brownies or I use a razer and scrape it out. I’m sure you meant something along those lines but it really sounds like you’d put iso-reclaim-water solution boiled into butter. (The butter would burn before you’d get all the iso out)

  2. Michael

    If you’re extremely desperate, something I’ve learned from friends is just torching your rig until the reclaim melts out (if the water doesn’t bring it out). This has lead to a few broken rigs, but you should be fine if you take your time.

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