Refer an Advertiser and Score Some Cash

STONED dollar billLookin’ to score some extra cash to spend on weed? We can help. If you find a business and get them to advertise on STUFF STONERS LIKE—we’ll split the profit with ya. Simple as that.

It’s easy, just find a dispensary, an activist group, any company that makes or sells lights, or nutes, or bongs, or rolling papers or whatever, as long as their shit is STUFF STONERS LIKE. Reach out to ’em and ask if they’re interested in advertising their product or service on STUFF STONERS LIKE. Just send ‘em this link and we’ll take care of the rest. And if the biz you refer to us starts advertising, we’ll pay ya half of the 1st month’s rent. So be prepared if you take us up on the offer, eh?

Alien Purple Kush from Humboldt CountyIf you’re a business owner, we know what you’re thinking. “Dude, all I gotta do is pretend I’m referring my biz to STUFF STONERS LIKE and I’ll get half my money back.” Well, we’ll save you the hassle, son. We’re giving each of you marijuana related biz owners 50% off 1st month’s rent. If that’s not STUFF STONERS LIKE then our name ain’t STUFF STONERS LIKE.

The holidays are fast approaching. So if you need some extra cash…we got you. And if you run a company making or selling STONER STUFF  we got you too. Seems like a win-win for ery STONER, right? This offer ends Friday the 16th right as we tweet that it’s #FreeStickerFriday, man. So get STONED, er uhm we mean get SELLIN’ ad space and get STONED.

Ohh and if you’re wondering WTF is #FreeStickerFriday…it’s purty fuckin’ self-explanatory, but in case you’re hella stoned, we’ll spell it out for ya. Ery Friday we announce the beginning of #FreeStickerFriday via tweeting an email address. (follow us on TWITTER here) The first 25 STONERS to email their MAILING address to the special email address we tweet will win FREE STICKERS. Special note…this is for USA STONERS only. If you live abroad and want FREE STICKERS…that’s not a problem, we got you…just follow this link and learn how to score ‘em.

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