Remedying Yellowing Clones

Rededying Yellowing ClonesQUESTION: I need advice on remedying yellowing clones. I recently made a clone machine and noticed that all the leaves on my cannabis clones are yellowing at the tips. Growth has slowed down dramatically.

Also I saw no sign of roots yet, either! How often should I change out the nutrients? Should I also make up a clear round dome to cover them like the old clone trays?

Dru West: It’s normal for clones to yellow a little bit as they begin to root. However if it has been over 10 days and they haven’t started to sprout, there could be a problem. Make sure you are not adding too much fertilizer to the water. Less is definitely more in this case. Try just a capful of Liquid Karma.

Make sure the clones are not getting too much light. If you have a light meter, 4000-5000 lumens are best. Also, check the temperature of the water to make sure it is not too hot or cold. Try to keep it around 70 degrees. How’s your water? I really recommend using a R/O (reverse osmosis) machine to filter out all the chemicals. Good luck, man, I hope this helps.

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  1. Rico57

    I just purchased your book and have been looking for these secrets and i love it.My clones have so many roots it is amazing.Thanks so much for the information.I am following these secrets to the letter and think i will reap the benefits.

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