Federal Judge Rules Against Rescheduling Marijuana

Federal Judge Rules Against Rescheduling Marijuana
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, yesterday a federal judge upheld the notion that cannabis isn’t medicine

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, yesterday a federal judge upheld the schedule I classification of cannabis—meaning it has no medical value. Sadly Judge Kimberly J. Mueller of the Federal District Court in Sacramento, California denied a motion challenging the constitutionality of cannabis’ classification as a Schedule I prohibited substance without any accepted medical utility.

And this disappointing ruling comes only days after a publication from NIDA, a research institution that’s actually run by the feds, admitted that it killed cancer! The report went on to say that “recent animal studies have shown that marijuana can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others.

Judge Mueller heard the closing arguments in this case all the way back in early February but had postponed her decision on several occasions. Her written opinion is not yet available but is expected to be posted publicly by week’s end, but she passed the buck and punted the case.

“At some point in time, a court may decide this status to be unconstitutional,” Judge Mueller said from the bench. “But this is not the court and not the time,” reports the activist group NORML.

Paul Armentano, NORML’s deputy director who served as the principal investigator for defense counsel in this case said: “We applaud Judge Mueller for having the courage to hear this issue and provide it the careful consideration it deserves. While we are disappointed with this ruling, it changes little. We always felt this had to ultimately be decided by the Ninth Circuit and we have an unprecedented record for the court to consider.

“In the interim, it is our hope that lawmakers move expeditiously to change public policy. Presently, bipartisan legislation is before the House and Senate to recognize cannabis’ therapeutic utility and to reschedule it accordingly and we encourage members of Congress to move forward expeditiously to enact this measure.”

Armentano also said that  “The continued Schedule I classification of cannabis, in 2015, in self-evidently ridiculous. But unfortunately, the law may be ridiculous and still pass constitutional muster.”

He added, “The judge in this case missed a golden opportunity to demand that federal law comport with available science, public opinion, and common sense.”

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  1. Angela Rose Shirley

    I wonder if she would rule this way if it was her epileptic son or daughter enjoying a close to normal life now thanks to the CBD found in marijuana.
    Or what if she gets cancer? She better only accept the Damn poison they give to us with chemo and radiation.
    She must be old

  2. RJ

    Maybe she should be given MS or cancer and see what her opinion would be then. Marijuana is more effective and has less side effects then ANY MS drug to date!

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